A few questions about the new perks

A few questions about the new perks

So how much does a single point in expertise increase your encumbrance? I saw that strength gives you 3 encumbrance per point but how much does expertise give you per point? Also how much health and stamina do you get for each Vitality/Grit point?

Also, is the old perk survival that used to help you survive in extreme temperatures and stuff just completely gone? I’ve heard it was mixed with expertise but does this mean expertise will reduce the effects of temperature?

and the last perk of authority that lets you have 2 thralls, does it completely makes all the previous points you’ve invested in authority completely useless? at the cost of having two thralls? Like will none of the previous authority perks even apply if you have two thralls?

Also does the first and second perks of strength effect bows?

I can only answer this question from the four you listed:
I’ve been testing an Authority build, running around with 2 thralls. The perks all seem to work just fine for both of them.

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I’d like to know the answer to this one too.

Based on my testing no, my ass freezes to death while mining black ice unless I go with redeemed legion which was not needed before. I suppose this addresses the complaints that weather is not severe enough and the survival element is lost at higher level.