Temperature resistance and other survival stuff in 3.0

Question for people who can access the testlive, how do the survival aspects of the game work now that there’s no Survival attribute?

Does Expertise give you temperature resistance and slow down hunger and thirst? Does armour still help the way it did before? Is the whole thing just easier now and you don’t need to worry about it anymore? Also Survival used to shorten status debuff time, which I really liked. Can that still be achieved?


I am messing around with it right now and I am sorry to say that currently a T4 armourer does NOT add additional temperature resistance to your armour.

Encumberance buffs … now the armour no longer adds to your primary stats but rather the secondary stats. For example armour that used to give +10 to encumberance will now give +105 to carying capacity. I think this might actually be a good thing though because if you used the 20 points in expertise to get the Beast of Burden Perk then why bother getting more encumbrance. go for other stats instead.
Another example is Redeemed legion pauldron will no longer add to STR but will instead add a percentage to Streangth Weapon Damage.

I am a little peaved that the T4 thrawls don’t add a temperature buff to crafted armour. I hope is is an oversight. they do increase stats like carry capacity and “Dur/AR/Weight” depending on which one you use. But Just incase … if you are sleeping in a super hot or cold environment you might wake up dead if you don’t put on some redeemed legion armour before the update. Also they will end up resetting you primary stats so any survivability will be wiped at the same time.

Hunger and thirst is a perk now. with 5 points in Expertise you get the 33% reduction in hunger and thirst. And 5 points in Vitality gets the passive health regen. Two must haves if you ask me.,


I should also point out that there is nothing that reduces negative stats except a perk at Max Vitality (20 points) that removes negative effects when you drop past 50% health… i am assuming this is a one way ticket and hovering at 50% wont keep resetting those negative effects like bleed and poison. So it looks to me like bleed and poison are going to hurt.


except if you corrupt your vit and unlock the perk to be flatout immune to poison, bleed, and the lots. then you probably won’t mind as much.

15 corrupted vitality: completely immune to poison and bleed

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Real quick side question since I think you probably have done some evaluation…15 corrupted Vit health regen vs normal perk health regen. How much more powerful is the corrupted version(@ level 15) vs the normal version?

It’s certainly much faster. Normal passive health is a more steady stream of hp, whereas corrupted is for lack of a better word chunky. 3-5ish hp/s


It needs a lot of reading I guess!
And a lot of testing!
Thank you for all the feedback you provide to us all this time :+1:t6:

Do not corrupted perks permanently reduce one’s maximum HP/Stamina?
How does the trade off of having forever less HP work with the Regen?
Does it basically require one to run all the way up to the you cannot be one shotted perk?

As for temperature concerns,
With only one Food, and one Potion buff active at a time, how does that interact with drinks?
Can a food and a drink both cool one at the same time?

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