A few reasonable suggestions

  • add scars and some new haircuts

  • add more races at the character creator -Kambujans,LEMURIANS(i’m not mentioning any more,because most are collected in the hyborian race,but if i missed any non hyborian race,feel free to add them)

  • add race flags for the playable races,like the ones the setites have.

  • I know i read on several places that you don’t plan to make any more avatars and i’m fine with that,but maybe you can still make altars for the various gods left-Asura,Bel,Dagon,Erlik,Hanuman,Ibis,Ishtar,Yun,Zath and some other for every of the playable races and add god info on the character creator.

So that’s from me.If anyone wants to add something or correct me feel free.

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