A few things to note

I just started playing Test Live at the beginning of October. Here’s a few things of interest I’ve noted:

  1. This one is already well known. Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers are turning into unplaceable Performer thralls with 100 health and no equipment. This issue has been fixed in the regular game already but persists on Test Live.

  2. Armored skeletons (like the one’s at King Niche and the Black Keep) are not dropping any loot.

  3. Frost Giants at Ymir’s Delusion are not dropping any loot. Don’t know if the other Frost Giants anywhere else are or not.

  4. Herk Waverunner (or whatever his name is) in Buccaneer’s Bay is not dropping the Scourgestone piece. Maybe another NPC has the piece now? I don’t know.

Also, I have concerns about mounts diminishing the impact of the sandstorm. Will we simply be able to outrun it now?

Same here. Frost giants in the Crystalline Chasm and undead in the ruins of Xullam on private PC server are not dropping any loot.

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