Here`s some advice on playing Testlive Servers

Most testlive servers have the decay rate turned off and a few have 6 day decay rates.
Thralls will decay.
Bench thralls will disappear over time if the server goes down for a long time.
Benches in the open can be looted.
If chest are not locked they can be looted.
Always put your bench thralls in a chest before logging off if not and the server goes down for a long time and it will u will lose your thralls.
Any wheel or animal pen outside can be looted.
Do all this and your stuff will be there for the next update ir your server has no decay.

Bench thralls don’t decay with building decay off.

They will not be there if the server goes down for a long time it`s happened to my twice.

Someone looted them?

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No I know better all my bases are sealed.

If the server goes “down” then decay is irrelevant. Let’s be clear, server down means off, right?

Ya I edit it they just disappear over time.

Dont know they go down to a 9999 ping for months and sometimes are gone from server so I dont know.

Honestly right now I could use some advice on how to logon to the testlive servers at all

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Use the TestLive client

Are they finally back up? I haven’t been able to login for days…

Idk I am doing my testing in SP or private servers. I gave up on officials years ago.


There up but EU is

Ahhh yeah. I built a nice home on the official testlive server that I’ve been itching to check in on. Just been truckin’ on in SP in the meantime :slight_smile:

LOL! Yesterday when I tried to check, US was down but EU was up. Our luck is lousy!

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