My Thralls are Gone!

I saw an update on Test Live so I said, “Oh Goody! More testing!”. However, when I logged in I found that all of my guarding thralls were gone. Was this by design or was it a glitch of the update process? I still have my buildings and crafting thralls, however.

Some side effects may occur early in the testlive cycle. These are normally ironed out as testlive gets more testing and updates before being released as a proper update on all platforms.

were they placed on building pieces or on terrain?

Is the decay on? Could it be that they decayed because you were inactive.

My buildings are still intact. Followers normally disappear a week after the buildings decay. It is not unusual to see follower thralls suspended in mid air where there were once buildings. All of my followers were near or in my buildings. All of them are gone.

Yes, but is the building decay on? I have access to another Funcom’s test server and there the building decay is off but the thrall decay is on. I haven’t logged in TestLive for while. It is worth checking the Server Settings tab.

I make it a point of trying to log into the test server on a daily basis. Sometimes the server is unavailable for weeks. This usually happens shortly after a release goes to the official servers. When they get ready for testing a new release the server becomes available again. I suspect that they can reset the decay timers to prevent loss of buildings and such. I think in this case they did not do it for the thralls.

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