A few various bugs

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug(s)

  1. Razma’s Quarters has 3 doors. Go inside and when you’re heading back out you can see a 3rd door.

  2. In Gallaman’s Tomb, the boss fellow can get stuck in the rocks. In between the rocks near the door on the left side when facing the boss original start location. This will make him impossible to kill but will be able to hurt you through the rocks.

  3. You can accidentally become an enemy of Sepermeru by being nearby any towns people who fight a creature like a scorpion. Once they kill the scorpion even if you are not involved they will then all try to fight you. Which even if you run you can start getting the entire town angry at you.

  4. When pressing space to take all from a container it takes the first item and sends it into the void if you’ve just opened another container and used space. A perfect example of this with the below steps.
    4a. Have a gold coin in spot #1 in your inventory.
    4b. Head to the Dagon’s Embrace and then to the two chests that have gold coins in them.
    4c. Open the first chest and press space to take. Your gold coin count will increase fine.
    4d. Open the second chest and press space to take. All gold coins will disappear.