A Friendly Competition....any tips?

Can’t defeat the masked lady at E4 upwards. Any tips to defeat her please?

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What’s the part that kills you?
General damage? Get adequate self-healing.
AoEs? Learn to dodge them, maybe use a mobility gadget like Ley Line.
Stacking Cold debuff? Each tic of bosses’ fire AoEs removes up to two stacks from you. They still damage you, of course, so you need to manage that.

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So if you get cold debuff you counteract that with fire. Think that will sort it, thanks:)

The fight is broken up into 2 phases, with 4 gotcha! mechanics you gotta watch out for in this fight. The TL;DR of how to win is a) never stop moving b) melt off cold stacks by standing in fire attacks and c) slot some kind of speed enchancing gear, either Alacrity weapons, Quickness signets, as well as bringing along a teleportation ability like Ley Line Stone gadget.

Phase 1

The masked woman is throwing normal attacks at you. She cycles through casting her Freezing manifestation, Fire manifestation, and Firestar. After you do enough damage to her, she casts Shatter Singularity and moves into Phase 2.

  1. Insta-death mechanic: Cold stacks. If you accidentally get hit by any of her Freezing manifestations here, you get stacks of cold on your character. If you reach 10 stacks, you die instantly, ending the fight. You can remove stacks though, by getting hit with fire attacks.

  2. Insta-death mechanic: Shatter Singularity. After you damage her enough, the masked woman throws out a huge AoE which covers most of the arena. You need to run for the edge and outrun the chalk marks on the ground, or you die. Depending on her location, the edge of the circle can go off the edge of the floating rock you’re on, which means death for you. Keep an eye on your surroundings, or try to keep her in the center of the rock to prevent this from happening. Also, even if you don’t get hit by her singularity attack, you still get some cold stacks at the end of the cast.

How to counter her attacks: For starters, keep moving constantly. She can’t catch you in any of the manifestations or firestar if you keep moving. Having Alacrity weapons or Quickness signet is a big help. Also, getting the Ley Line Stone gadget off the AH or from OD is a big help it for getting out of Shatter Singularity, the stone teleports you forward x meters. Having a Cruel Delight signet also helps you keep your health up, though you can use potions and healing abilities as well.

Phase 2

In phase 2 the Masked Woman stops using firestar, instead using a combo of highly damaging attacks. She also cycles through the manifestations. The green explosions can apply cold stacks as well as freezing manifestations. If you are getting high on cold stacks, jump into a fire manifestation for 1 second to “melt” them off. Keep up the DPS on the masked woman and she will run away at around 10% health, leaving behind a chest of rewards and an exit portal.

  1. Fold Spacetime. The masked woman warps to a point nearby you, and starts Fold Spacetime. This attack is actually 2 circles that only mostly overlap one another, there is a small gap between them. The “outer ring” of the attack is those exploding green circles. The “inner ring” is an AoE that spreads out from the masked woman. During Fold Spacetime the masked woman usually can’t be hurt, though you can trigger Cruel Delight healing, refill weapon energy, and apply debuffs by attacking her. Sometimes her shield doesn’t apply correctly and you can attack her. Finally, it looks like the inner and outer rings are cast on your position, but at slightly different times, so if you stand still both rings will end up overlapping. Keep moving!

  2. Destabilize Reality. Almost immediately after Fold Spacetime ends, the masked woman starts up some more green circle explosions. The first few seconds the explosions appear mostly right under you. The last few seconds, the explosions are in an ever-widening spiral out from the masked woman, kind of like the Machine Tyrant attack.

How to counter her attacks: Just like with Shatter Singularity you need to get out of the AoE of Fold Spacetime quickly. You can hide in the gap between the inner and outer rings of the attack, though it makes it harder to avoid the Destabilize Reality follow up when you’re stuck inside the outer rings. You can also start running away as soon as you see the masked woman warp, and just run out of the AoEs most of the time. Use Flicker, Ley Line Stone or a speed boost like Quickness to guarantee you’ll make it. As for Destabilize Reality, you don’t die instantly if you get clipped by one attack, but you do get hit with a hinder and cold stacks, and the explosions appear right under you, so one hit can end up being a death sentence. Again, just keep running as best you can, or save some teleport skills for those times when you get hit.


Here’s some videos at e17 with a variety of weapons:


Increasing the elite level of the dungeon increases the masked woman’s health and damage done from regular and special attacks. It also increases the rewards from the chest.

But, around e9, Shatter Singularity starts applying cold stacks even if it doesn’t hit, to a max of 4 per cast on e17. Above e10, Freezing Manifestation will also apply cold stacks even if it doesn’t hit, to a max of 2 per cast on e17. At e12, the radius of the outer ring on Fold Spacetime jumps from 1 green circle width to 3, making it impossible to just run or walk through. Also while standing in fire melts off 4 cold stacks per tick under e10, at e17 it only melts off two cold stacks per tick.

Thanks to Jimmy, JohnLegrasse, Polutropon, Pilchenstein, Oneiva, Ceruleana, and Leogrim for information about the mechanics at higher elevels!

Hope that helps!


I thought Fold Spacetime changes continuously, I found it easiest on E14 cause the outer ring was so big there was actually a gap between it and the inner one, on E11 they were fully overlapped every couple circles and I had to teleport out cause I had no room to move in Destabilizie Reality

The two casts are centered on your position at different times too so depending on your movement as she teleports you misalign the rings.

If you’re high on stacks you’ll need to stand in the fire manifestation for more than one second because it only removes two stacks per tick.

Sometimes her shield isn’t applied and she can be hurt, so it’s worth firing a basic at her to check if you see zeros or can do free dps.

It’s only 1 circle wide on e11, so the change must happen on e12 or higher.

I found a video in the comment with hammer and blade that helped me understand. Thank you https://youtu.be/k6w2SMXch-I

I made mistake. That is Blade first hand and Hammer second hand.

Thank you so much for your time explaining this. :smiley:

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Thanks also to everyone for your help :smiley:

Trying to defeat her at E4; can’t dodge the filth bombs. Any tips please?

If you mean the little green explosions that follow you around, I think at e4 you can maybe still interrupt that ability? But just moving in a straight line without stopping should keep them from hitting you.

You can run around her in a circle and step between them as you’re running if you’re to slow. Just watch feet.

When the masked lady has reached about half of her life she fires huge filth bombs. I cannot cleanse the effects and die.

You have a screen shot?

I’ll take a screenshot and post tomorrow. Its the Phantasmal Effect - looks like a massive filth bomb/explosion from which there is no way to cleanse or heal - once hit with that I’m dead.

If you meant the huge aoe she does that covers most of the platform then yeah, you’re meant to run out of that.

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I find trying to complete this at solo E4 to be impossible (even though I am at E5 level). Those huge filth bombs just come out of nowhere without any warning. It’s impossible for me to cleanse (I have clean slate but that doesn’t work); once I’m hit with the mega filth bomb death is inevitable.

I have recorded a video clip. Just waiting for this to upload and I will revert with the link for you to watch please and tell me where I am going wrong…I just can’t see it!

You mean when you get trapped in ice? If so, that is insta kill. That happens when you reach 10 ice stacks. You can remove ice stacks by standing in the fire circles.

No, that’s not the problem. Will try and upload a video clip shortly.