A Friend's Problems with Massive Lag

A friend of mine on the server I play on (Waknation’s Unofficial Isle of Siptah) has just recently (within the last week) started experiencing massive lag. It has been very frustrating for him. He used to be able to play all day without issue, and he was one of the most active people on the server. Tonight, after a bad bout with lag that caused his game and computer to crash, he left the game cussing. He says it’s unplayable. He rubberbands constantly and gets stuck on things. He has to dissassemble parts of his base just to get unstuck, he says.

It’s strange to me that this proglem just started. No one else on the server seems to have this issue with lag. I lag a miniscule amount when I am around certain bases, and that’s it. His base doesn’t give me any special issues.

I’m not expecting any miracles, but I was wondering if anyone had a short list of things that he might look at to try to figure this out. He’s already replaced all the flame lights in his base with radium ones. No effect. In fact, he lags everywhere on the server, not just around bases.

I just don’t want to lose him. He’s a good friend, and without him, playing the game wouldn’t be the same.

Thank you.


This could be a number of things. It could be the server or the client.

Easiest to check would be the persons computer. Is there any background applications running that are consuming bandwidth? Youtube, torrent, cloud based programs, updates?

Is your friend in an apartment using a wireless connection? May have to change channels.

Is someone else using the internet? Someone using a streaming service or something else using a lot of bandwidth?

Could try resetting the router.

Without any information I am just throwing out general things.

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Well, I appreciate general stuff. It’s a place to start. Thanks. Keep the suggestions coming.

If it’s only him and he is rubber banding than it’s most likely an internet issue. His client and the server are not in cynic. Need to check all of the internet boxes.

  • Was the service provider having a bad day?
  • Did his plan get downgraded?
  • Is he hardline or wireless?
  • Router need a reboot?
  • Windows update mess with a setting somewhere?
  • Program running in the background?
  • Other people in the house doing something that eats all the bandwidth?
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This sounds like a well known and slightly recent glitch regarding falling through building pieces (which can extend to walking through/into walls):

The devs are aware and seem to be looking into a solution at very least. For the record, the issue is not isolated to just foundations as the post says here. It can cause phasing into walls and other building pieces too

Now why would this problem pop up for just for your friend? It could be false diagnosis and really be anything else similar to what others have said in this post.

Also, why is it just now popping up? The cause of the issue I mentioned is unknown, so I’m unsure. If it is in fact that problem, join the club of hoping for a clean fix (and soon!)

I feel it’s important to also say that there’s definitely more than one issue at play here, possibly including your friend’s connection to the server itself. The game in its current state also has more fun-dampening bugs than it has in the past, and while it will be tough to hold your friend’s interest, I wish you both the best!

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