A Frustrating Experienc


Started playing this game with the Live release via Steam. I’ve had 15 hours with the game since it went Live but there are some major frustrations I have with Conan Exiles that make it hard to stay with it. This stuff should be scattered around 2 different spots on the boards, i.e. Bug Reporting, etc, but I’m not going to be around long enough to do that. Figure I’ll post up this experience before I go. So…

My experience has been with one of the Official PVE Servers. No Mods, straight Vanilla.

Bad Module Info
I had gotten a lot of this problem. This happens when I’m browsing the server lists. It’ll just act like it’s building a list and nothing comes up, then the game crashes and I get the Bad Module Info message.

Server List not Refreshing
I also get the problem where the server list doesn’t load nor refresh at all. It just acts like it’s searching with the 3 cycling bars at the bottom of the list screen, and then it just stops.

Game stuck on loading screen while trying to load into a server.
And if the previous two weren’t enough to try to play the game, I ran into MANY occasions where I simply get stuck trying to load into a server. I hit “Join” for the server get into the loading screen, and I just stay there for a long time until the game kicks me back to the Main Menu.

I did some searches on google for this stuff and at the very least, the 1st and 3rd problems I already stated were happening as far back as January 2017. How is this still going on in May 2018?

FINALLY, I get a chance to get with my character just now, and I load in to find her with 0 clothes, 0 items in inventory. Like WTH?!? I had fully hydrated, full stomach from food. I logged out inside my house. I’m told by the other players I was gone too long and I died, hence me losing all my stuff. I was gone maybe 12 hours and I died because I wasn’t literally living my a$$ inside the game 24/7? So I lose all my stuff?

As trying to be able to just enter and play the game isn’t a troubling enough experience already, I am punished if I am not playing all the time? There are many occasions where I cannot touch a favorite game every day, every few hours.

This was a terrible gaming experience.