A Interactive World. Come and see!

Awesome Game.

I think it would be more fun to Farm Resources, if it was more Interactive with you “the player”.

*** When Resourcing Say a Rock. Instead of just hammering on a rock like a zombie, on and on. what if you placed a Ore inside that “Rock” Resource, and if you find it, within those 4 hits, You get a + 10 rock, iron,gold, ect… I say 4 hits Because after 4 the Rock Crumbles. Also using the “rock crumbling System” Conan Exiles has, you can look for those Hidden ores more easily. Again this can also be implemented for the rest of the Resources around the Conan Exiles World Map.

*** We need the AI Cities and Camps/Villages, To Make trades and Order hits on other camps or tribes/villages they have BEEF with.

*** Some Big cities need to create or Produce certain “items/Resources” That No other place has, over even in the open world. Building Material, Metal Or Wood For weapons and Shields.

*** Also It would be awesome if we had some of the Cities have Trading Contracts for those Long hour players/Grinders. Lets say you go in and they say for a week 7 day “Contract” We will need these stuff. it can range from items, Materials, for weapons.

*** What about a Thrall Trading Post. Pick a spot in the desert. Near some water, for a thrall trading spot and for the player"us" we can go and make contracts to find certain thralls for them and bring them in for exp/rare items and Ect.

*** ONE LAST THING FOR NOW… I WILL BE BACK LATER -.- … But One Last Thing For Now… Make the cities INTERACTIVE, You made a Beautiful World. Use it to your Advantage, and Make it feel like even if i am a solo off line player, it feels like i am online. FOR NOW … i will leave you with this. Enjoy.


Let’s put it this way. Instead of all the clumsy unpolished typical game logic, the bazaar needs to feel like a real bazaar. Indeed.

Trading Post sounds fine in theory.

Could you elaborate further a bit?

Point here is to make each settlement have personality, correct? If yes, then I’m with you here. To balance guaranteed items however, we would need to bring our effort to the table as well in the form of exchange.

This adds to the settlement personality as well. Thus agreed. However, I’d like this to contribute to the settlement personality thorough individuals. This means that the trading and contracts wouldn’t be narrowed to cities alone, but could be stumbled upon in the wild as well.

So a node would behave similar to an egg shell. To get the egg inside the shell, one must break the shell. When broken, egg is revealed. I love the idea. It’s basically the traditional chest behaviour (find a chest, open the chest and the character reveals the content by raising the item above their head; Legend of Zelda), but extended to include resource nodes as well.


To My Dear Friend Fable,

Thank you for taking your time to read through my comments and replying back.

To your Question " Could you elaborate further a bit?" About -

"Also It would be awesome if we had some of the Cities have Trading Contracts for those Long hour players/Grinders." -

I hope i can try to make more sense of it. Let’s say if you going to build a big Project or a Base, Instead of grinding the Materials you need, and what you need is a Lot. what if! Instead, you can make a Contract With a City, that You would Gather This many “Stuff” for them “Ai” and in return. You would get a bulk of Materials you need for the project/Base. But of course, the amount you give them, will be less than the amount they will give you in return. So it would be a worth your time. other places can also have this.

With everything else you replied with Fable, I Agree 100%.

Also to add to the “But of course, the amount you give them, will be less than the amount they will give you in return. So it would be a worth your time.”

what would Also be cool, is at first every city you trade with, is them 60 and you 40 % of what you get and what you give. at first it can start where you give more than you get and lil by lil the more you make trades with them, your % raises higher.

An exchange in its literal sense then. To gain a bulk of something you need, one must give something else away; preferably something we don’t need as much, yes. Thanks.

Maybe add a duration for that too. This would make the benefit feel like a buff and simulate the hidden hand principle in a simple way without feeling that the feature is too rewarding?

yea that or just make the trade markets ect on a timer on everyday or on certain days only.

yes a exchange/ trade in literal meaning of it, and with that it can make the world a Interactive world. :slight_smile:

Not all quests need you to run, figuratively speaking. I agree with you in essence though.

One of the reasons I dropped WoW is because it was way too heavy with storytelling thorough questing and that made the questing feel unnecessarily monotonic. It’s a nice game and a gold standard in a way, an artifact of a relic even, but I need something fresh.

Questing that feels intimate, intuitive and open is something I would like to experience. Not necessarily thorough this product. Story is a must of course, but I think questing shouldn’t be tasked to tell the whole tale in all its details.

adding quests to what we have wont make it A QUEST RUN, it will only make it LESS BORING, you DONT UNDERSTAND what i am aiming for. sorry

yes this happens when you hit a rock like a zombie over and over … AGAIN you dont get it. A Interactive world, where you dont just hit and hit and hit and hit and hit and hit and hit and hit and hit… get it ? Instead you hit to gain a reward. sorry you DONT get it.

lol i didnt yell, CAPS IS HIGHLIGHTING, This is yelling! … and you dont really understand, because if you all have to say is the dont want my sand box game to be a quest giver, then you are wrong, because that is also NOT WHAT I WANT. lol its ok though , good luck :slight_smile:

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