A Monstrous Siege - paused sidequest bug

The side quest “A Monstrous Siege” in New Dawn area. I have paused this quest, but now I can not retake it. It has been this way for three days now; I just can’t unpause it. Killing the Hyena will make the quest drop, but it wont let me take it.

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my situation turned out different, during the quest the server of the game fell, after relocation to the new server with the quest nothing happened, in connection with which I found no other way except to put on a pause and start again. And um was unable to help me, and for about a week I can not get through this quest and get achivement.

Hmm…best use the bug window (ctrl+B) or write an ingame petition (/petition)…A GM should be able to fix it even thought they are currently running overtime. Could take some time but still better than 3+ days.

So that nobody will ever see it?

So that they get actual case data instead of a rambling random community member.^^