Warehouse under siege


Over the last couple of days I’ve tried to do the warehouse quest in the new dawn compound but the Hyena at the door refuses to drop the quest, cabal mates have also had the same problem, has it been removed ?


I’m guessing this is the same one maybe


It pops reliably for me… perhaps try going in with someone else and letting them try to spawn it for you, or share the mission?

Band-aid solution, mebbe.


If you look at what SinsOfTheWolfs linked, you’ll see that Andy says the mission is disabled. So if you say it pops for you, then I might have to call BS on you.



Actualy i didn’t go back to check, but i am pretty sure this mission pops for me too, which is strange if it does goes to check

UPDATE: yeah regardless of how i go to the night map where that mob is, i don’t get the mission. They must have disabled it recently though, I could of sworn i had it yesterday, or at the very least the day before.


I just did it now and it isn’t there, same as yesterday when I posted. If it shows up for you, then that’s the bug.

You didn’t have it yesterday, that’s for sure. The day before yes. It was disabled with the server restart yesterday morning.


might depend a bit on when yesterday was for us (timezones and all that) but regardless it is disabled for the time being


What on earth…? I did it either day 1 or 2, iirc, and haven’t gone back since.

I’ve got the quest completion in my log to prove I’m not crazy… this time.


It was recently disabled, if you go looking for it now, you shouldn’t be able to do it.


Ok, so what’s the problem? I don’t understand what you’re even saying.