To Sir, With Love (Savage Coast)

I recently finished this quest, but only by the grace of watching youtube videos. Partly because of one of the items, the item that helps you find the wraith was buggy for me, it would not turn on or activate properly. There’s no way to abandon quests to try to force the items to work correctly, as far as I’m aware, except to pause or take another mission. This mission was not paused for me btw. The other two items, the blood and mirror worked like they should when I finally got to the area with the first wraith (but again I normally wouldn’t have been able to find it without outside game assistance). Normally, consulting other sources doesn’t bother me, but the items should still work like they are supposed to. I even re-logged just to make sure. It’s not really a huge deal if people do consort outside sources, but it’d probably be good to fix this one eventually (since it’s in the 2nd zone). The academy has a number of quests in a small area, so alot of players come through there.

(Further bugs in 1st & 2nd quest area I found while playing)::
On an additional note, while I’m writing. I also noticed an issue a few days ago back in Edgar’s Junkyard, the quest with the barrels. I know that quest has always seemed a little buggy, back in the old game, and while I am pleased to see some of the bugs or troubled areas have scaled back, there are still some old bugs lingering around. When I was at the last tier of the barrel quest (forgot what it was titled off hand), and I admit you have to be very quick & lay down the barrels a certain way, I attempted it like 3 times before the lord guy showed up, but I guess my barrier went down before I completely killed him. Yet, the white quest area zone would not dissipate and made it look like I had finished the quest because I think I killed him at the same time as my barrier failed (technically, it should have counted) but I still failed it anyway. But the fact that the white zone was still up and it didn’t say I failed at the time, was a really odd bug, it waited until whenever I logged back in. The next day, I had to attempt it two more times before I got it right. I admit, that’s just a hard quest (not as bad as it used to be) but still kind of hard, but there does seem to be a bug that can happen on that quest too, as I think it’s possible any of those tiers are capable of bugging, mine just happened on the last tier.

And, I also noticed on one of the lighthouse-quests, the part where you are supposed to use the telescope is still buggy, and again, most people seem to need to consult an outside walkthrough or a video for the correct spot to click, & the zooming in thing. I don’t think this has changed since the original game, if my memory serves me right.

That said, it does help that many of the mobs have lessened in strength and I do notice a reduction in mob respawn time, which was a huge issue to me in the original, so I did want to point out the good things and not seem too whiny (and the fact that the archivist was not roaming around while looking through the old block, cause yeah I remember I died alot on that one [thanks for removing the repair thing as well, honestly I’ve always felt repair functions in games were unnessary & often costly to the player–now if WOW would take a hint LOL], back in the day, so it is good there were changes at points that were perhaps too challenging). I thought posting these might help, I don’t know if they are localized bugs, but I’m sure someone has ran into them, or possibly will. Sorry, if I’ve repeated something other users have noticed, though I looked over the last 3 or 4 months bug section and no one mentioned these specifically.

I’m at the part I am supposed to lay mirror on ground. Alas, I don’t see the mirror anywhere in my inventory.

That quest was a long time ago for me, but I’m not sure the mirror is an inventory item? There may be a clickable area on the ground instead.

The mirror is an item you have to pick up.

If you need help finding where: (Legacy) To Sir, With Love - TSW Database

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