A Few Observations From The Last Week

Here’s a few observations from my last week or so of playing Testlive:

My level 18 Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker never came out of the Witch Queen’s Lair the last time I ventured there. About 10 minutes after leaving the Lair I got the message that the RHTS had died following me. This had happened to me before after exiting the Dregs. I think this was the 1st time for the Witch Queen’s though.

Speaking of the Dregs, the last time I visited the sewers the boss was still glitching up when jumping out of it’s pool of acid. It almost never jumped out in the direction of my character. However, my thrall had little to no trouble navigating inside the Dregs. So it looks like the issue of my thrall dying by getting stuck within stairs may have been fixed.

The Unnamed City 3 Skull Bat Boss must have been drinking the sewer acid that the Abyssal Remnant bathes in. The last time fighting the Bat boss it was having trouble facing it’s target when attempting to land it’s scream/roar attack (the attack that applies sunder).

Thanks and keep up the good work Funcom!


A few more things to note:

NPC’s in NPC camps that have a unique (non default) color on their gear will come out of the wheel of pain with the same unique color on said gear. Also, no longer does every NPC in the camp have this unique color.

In SP I am still having issues hitting imps with my first attack. The attack will go right thru the target without doing damage.

Carpenters Bench que for crafting items still has issues. Maybe it is fixed for live though.


Ah - I’ve been wondering about that (also singleplayer, but currently on live branch) - I thought initially that my timing was off, but I’ve definitely had a few strikes that seemed to go straight through. The initial (light) lunge with daggers seems particularly bad for me, while the one-handed mace does seem to hit sometimes (but feels like it has to be a very precise distance and timing).

Can’t say that I’ve noticed - may not have crafted much on it since the hotfix - but I know my other benches seem to be behaving normally now. I’ll try to check the carpenters bench tomorrow.


Now that you mention weapon type. For the swing thru with the imps I was using a 1h sword.


Bit of an interesting result with the carpenters bench - mostly it seems to be fixed, no longer stopping the queue if a stack finishes, or even if I remove some of the materials being crafted. But it does still clear the queue if I remove something under specific circumstances - with wood and branches in the bench, telling it to ‘craft all’ for shaped wood, it begins by crafting the branches into wood first, at this point if I remove some of the wood from the bench it just reduces the quantity being crafted (as it used to), but if I remove the branches it clears the queue altogether. Seems like there’s maybe still some interactions with the new ‘precursor crafting’ system to be figured out.

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Ya, Testlive is behind a version now. Its still on 2.5, where as live is now 2.5.1