A few observations/bugs

Just a few initial observations from poking around in testlive. This was on the exiled lands map.

First, fishing traps in shallow water. The build UI will show like you can place a fishing trap in very shallow water, but won’t let you put one down and it won’t give an indication as to why. At least not that I saw. This could cause some frustration for some people.

Second, the last objective in chapter 9 of the journey steps appears to be missing. Not sure if it’s actually there or not, but in the UI, it just shows a blank square instead of a question mark.

Third, can’t build elevators. Just kept telling me it couldn’t find a valid endpoint. Even built a simple structure with a 5x5 floor, a four or five section high wall and a ceiling tile where the elevator should snap to. Just didn’t want to snap into place anywhere.

Fourth, the timers on the sorcery summoned weapons and armor seem to reset themselves. Don’t know why, as I didn’t spot any consistent reason why they would while I was messing around. If that’s more or less intended, then I’m guessing the timers are supposed to work like the one on Claws of Jhebbal Sag.

Fifth, I noticed that the health bar on one of my followers turned green at some point. A regular dancer I spawned in to play around with corruption, in case anyone was wondering. Not sure what that’s supposed to indicate, but I noticed it after trying out the spell that shrouds you in darkness.

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if you kill something, then the timer will reset. it’s a new mechanic for this type of special weapons

In my experience, it does not reset but it adds time to it. So eventually, if you keep killing it will feel like it is resetting.

Hi @Glurin

First issue - The team is aware of some places that don’t have the correct ‘body of water’ behavior

Second issue - Passes this over to our design team as they will be able to provide an accurate answer.

Third issue - Team is aware of this issue and currently looking into it.

Fifth issue - It sounds like the intended design. The followers/friendly NPCs should now show up with a green health bar.

Thank you so much for sending this information our way.

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