Gravity Investigation Quest Bug


The Gravity investigation quest on Solomon Island seems to be bugged. I found the first part of the plans but I had to fight off a scarecrow before I could grab them. I died and when I went back to grab the plans, it would no longer allow me to click on them and it was telling me to find the second part. Now I don’t have the first part of the plans, which I need to find the second part. I’ve switched to other servers and logged in and out multiple times and nothing works.

Thank you! Pausing the quest and picking it up again worked!


I’m not sure if it’ll work but the next thing to try is pausing the mission from the journal (press J) and then picking it up again. Another option would be to group with someone and have them pick the thing up, to see if that progresses the mission for you.

If neither of those things work, you’ll probably have to send in a petition (type “/petition” into chat to open the relevant window and be aware you need to confirm sending the petition twice).


There’s a little icon at the top of inventory windows that lets you pin them open, find that and click it. :v:


I believe the mission can be done without ever using any of the plans, granted you know where to go. I’d suggest going to the second plan and see if it doesnt progress normally from there. This site might come in handy


Thank you for your suggestion. I did manage to fix the problem by pausing and restarting the quest, and I’m one of those weirdos who tries everything possible to figure it out myself before looking at tswdb or a guide.

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Oh im All for doing it right :wink: was more as a last resort to get to the point, the mission thought you were at. Also why i send you tswdb, rather than the concrete solution =P

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