A profound realization about hunting named armorers

Having a bit of ocd I have spent some time hunting named armorers and only making epic flawless armors…then… I suddenly had an epiphany…

Regular Armor gives +5 stats with +1 for each piece.
Flawless Armor gives +9 with +1 for gloves and +2 for every other piece

Exceptional Armor gives +7 with +1 for gloves, helmet and boots and +2 for chest and legs.

+2 for chest and legs. The Chest, Legs and Gloves the Tier III armorer can make give the same attribute bonuses (for slightly worse durability, armor, weight and temp resistance) as the named armorer. That’s the +5 you should be looking for unless you are maxing one stat.

Suddenly the game became a whole lot less frustrating and grindy. Hope this helps.

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