'Nameless' armor sucks - change it back

When armor was ‘Exceptional’ or ‘Flawless’ I could tell what the attribute bonus was by the name.
Exceptional was +2 attributes for torso & legs. Flawless was +2 attributes for everything but hands.

But now? I tried making the same piece of armor with no thrall, a T3 thrall, and a T4 thrall. The armor comes out almost exactly the same as it used to… minus the actual Exceptional/Flawless description.

But since the attribute bonus’s are only listed as something like “Bonus Vitality” without actually stating how much vitality, and now there is no naming convention to differentiate the armor, the only way to tell how much of an attribute bonus a piece of armor gives is to wear it.

So if I want to see what attribute bonus a piece of armor has, I need to put it on, check my attributes, note what the bonus is, and put it back.
One piece of armor at a time.

This new ‘nameless’ armor naming convention sucks.


It’s always been like that. Also you could not be 100% sure of flawless would actually give +2 on the pieces you named. Because Funcom is not consistent and doesn’t double check things, aka doing QA.

Best example would be Redeemed Legion. Doesn’t state flawless, but gives +2 or even +3. So inconsistent.

Now it’s better. They only need to add some visual information for the attribute bonus amount and done.

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Indeed. Yes please.


That’s very dishonest, and you know it. There were only 3 types of armor outside those boundries and they were Godbreaker, Redeemed Legion, and Champion’s. And those armor’s were special end-game armor’s. Not the regular stuff you can make on the bench. And they were never named FLAWLESS in the first place - you picked a bad example.

Name one non-special recipe armor that wasn’t flawless +2
(Hands have always been +1.)

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