Attribute set bonus gap

At some point of game, everyone will be wearing or crafting the same gear set. Actually, aparently almost players want wear a Silent Armor with the 2H sword.

Each set gives to player a specific attribute bonus, so if I want str, i have to wear Darfari, Kambujan, Hyperborean or Lemurian Warrior set.
But there is no medium set with heat protection and str attibute bonus.

New sets will come with DLCs and probably this sets will have its own bonus, but always will exist a gap.

My suggestion is make the attibute bonus works as runes for example.
We could learn this rune recipes as any other recipes ingame (boss room with text walls, thralls, journals, etc).
With this runes, we could changes our set attributes freely.


Also there is no cold protection armor with encumbrance…

And no flawless epic Zamoran either. Because Irniz refuses to show her recipes on the improved bench.
So with armors there ais a whole plethora of bugs and wrong things still.

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there is a lot of gaps with attributes bonus + temp protection + type (medium, light, heavy)

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As armors I would use slots 1 for temp controll 1 for bonuses also one for the curent upgrades. so each piece could be unique.
And everyone could have any looks. (OFC this is not for PVP)

For instance I wouldn’t tell a zamoran armor to counter cold at all… Still it does strangely. :smiley:
But with a better tailoring system I could make one set which would give for instance vitality instead of the useless agility, and do have half of them cold other half of them warm paddings for both climate.
And ofc the durability upgrade because those things just teared off left and right in any fight waaay too easy.

The armor system really feels incomplete in its current state.

I really want to be able to wear other sets of armor without having resort to using an inferior build or have to restrict myself based on whichever environment resistance it has. (Hyperborean in particular is kinda weird. The regular set has heat resist while the epic has cold.)

if +9 to a stat I only intended to get to 10-20 was equally as helpful as a +9 to a stat I intended to get to 30-50, it would really open up the armor system as it is currently. Getting to 40-50 without the bonus simply eats all your attribute points.

They could add tailoring stations and thralls so customizing your stats and armor doesn’t make things “easier” resource wise. Build the armor you want as it is currently, then take it to a tailoring station to customize the stats.


The game could definitely use a transmog system.

Craft the armor system of your liking, obviously it’s gonna be silent legion because duh!

Then have the ability to craft skins of whatever armor set you like to place over it.

That way you can be getting the bonuses of the silent legion armor set while looking like you’re wearing Relic Hunter armor. I really like the relic hunter set, it’s sharp. But pointless to wear, unfortunately.

Should just make Heat and Cold protection and Attribute mods part of the armorsmith Feat. Let us put on 1 temperature mod, 1 attribute mod, and 1 regular mod like weight reduction. That way we can wear whatever we want instead of the entire server looking like a clone army.

Check out this thread. I think its a pretty solid idea to solve most armor related issues:

And I believe will be much more easy to FC add more equips without care about new balance each time with new things

This needs to be fixed.
The flawless is better than the exile epic???
I just wasted 20 alchemical base on a lesser bobkah.

It would be better to remove stats form the armors and use upgrade tools for stats. You could have different thralls be able to build different upgrade stats.

Then you could focus on other stuff on the armors like heat and cold protection and armor rating. Maybe, there would be other things you could make the armor give.

What i really don’t want, is for the game to force you to use all 5 armor parts to give you a bonus… then everyone will use the same armor set. I love that you can mix the armor parts as you like.

yes flawless is better then epics. BUT

with the right thrall you should be able to create FLAWLESS EPIC which should be the BEST possible option for any given armor sets.It is buggy right now. the one who can make a flawless set aren1t showing her recipes on the improved bench as EPIC FAWLESS at all. (Irniz of the furnace)

BTW there are other errors with these extra stuff too. even a flawless zamoran doesn’t give you more than 9 points on agility epic is the same… so yes they need to be revised otherwise it is just waste of time, extra materials, inability to repair, and a bunch of skillpoints, and other sacrifices without anything in return.

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i want to play heavy str set, but i can’t, it’s too ugly :’(

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Zamoran Armorer III

That should make exceptional only (exceptional epic in that bench). So is that bugged too?
I need one than :smiley: Thank you for the tip.

Pirate ship here I come.

People says that he/she does makes exceptional flawless, was too lazy to check, but you can do this in SP in couple of seconds, i believe that it works, most definitely III and named thralls in ‘release’ game logic are actually differs only in cost(except the purge one which have unique recipes)

So bugged… :smiley:

t3 should create exceptional.
t4 (named) should create flawless.

Both of them on the improved bench should create the epic version of theirs. so t3 exceptional epic, t4 flawless epic.

Yep I will check it with admin commands when I finished with work here. :smiley:
And thank you very much to pointing out that it might be bugged more than I thought.

I think that it’s not a bug, but newer thrall skill distribution, named should be better than 3rd, but not that much that you must grind for them for eternity just to craft set :slight_smile:

That “old” system worked like charm except that you needed to exchange back the thrall to the worse one to be able to repair the lesser set :smiley: That was wierd…

I admit not an easy task to get the Necessary thrall you want but tbh I like that anticipation while waiting for respawn… :smiley: Will it be the one I am looking for? :smiley: Nah just kidding hate it. half day goes into “waiting”

Instead they should have like 90% possibility on different and scattered locations for each thrall. would be better for exploration as well.

ALSO THRALLS NEEDS OUR LOVE… I mean worker thralls should be interact-able to cloth them.
It took ages to get the right look and usually it turns out to be a low level thrall…
Baretits nordheimer alchemist FINALY… hit her… lvl1 Thanx FunnyComms. I want her named!
or I want a named who will fit into my males only vintage workshop? :smiley:

well it would be really nice to have same system as it is in The Secret World. Wear what ever you like, your amulets that are not visible will change your stats. BTW FC has so many great ideas… yet they usually fail to deliver the results…

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