A question about floor size and staying sheltered

I am just wondering how wide of a floor ie: 8 x 8 tiles and how tall it can be like 4 walls in height etc… before the sheltered icon loses it’s effect and my building doesn’t protect me from the elements.

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It’s the damnedest thing to me–how you can be indoors in a room with no windows…but if you’re too far from a wall, you’re not “sheltered”. O.o

You’re correct on that, but I’m wanting to know dimensions :stuck_out_tongue: can anyone answer this?

I have had shelters with dimensions of 9x30 surface and depth of 24 high. Still had full shelter, that is until you get too close to a door frame (with or without a door).

When you say 24 high do you mean without ceilings in between other than the top?

Yes, only the very top of the structure had a ceiling. I also had a build that was about 15x15x4 with no shelter problems anywhere with the exception of by door frames.

Thank you, that’s quite a bit different than a while ago when I was playing before (I just started playing again after a long break) Before some things removed sheltered etc… and still let the environment get to you even completely enclosed if it was bigger than 4 x 4 x 3 it was so weird.

NP, enjoy your builds, have fun, etc. etc. etc. :slight_smile:

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