A question about the game

I am merely thinking if it’s worth buying. I understand i will not get the answer here, but may be I can have some answers
is it full time strategy? with gather-resources-build and defend/attack or is it just build/defend?
is it rts or turn-based?
who are your opponents?

You can very well find these answers in gameplay videos or livestreams:

Yes, outside of building and defending you can get resources from chests with a chance to get an artifact (ability) and attack map bosses or enemies as they are coming onto the map. you get a little time to explore, but will definetly need to keep an eye on what the meter / your coop partner is saying.

Real time strategy. As I said, totally going to get wiped with if you don’t watch out :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s more than corpses - and it is corpses too! You can get a summary here.

(direct link)

I think the LOL answered a lot of the Qs well but I’ll address your Q on “is it worth buying?”

That’s hard to answer as everybody has different value impressions but for me? It has been worth it.

I spent $35 to get the game and currently have 65 hours in it. I like this game primarily for this reason.

It’s RTS like and unlike essentially every other RTS out there, if the MP scene dies off, this game will still be fun to be played. I love games that you play for a while, take a break and maybe come back to months later for another run. See if you can beat your own previous high score.

This game will be fun when I decide to play it now, a year from now, 3 years from now.

Now that being said, I am convinced this game is a slow burn. When you first play it, it won’t sink its hooks in you. But I think that’s largely because it simply takes a while to learn how to play this game well. You will have poured several hours into this game and if you study the tech tree you will realize there are several things you’ve never even built. But that’s also a good thing. There’s plenty to explore.

But before I go too far off topic, yes I think it’s well worth it.

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