A question concerning RP

Allow me to preface this question…I am looking to expand on my server, specifically in the realm of RP. I have some ideas I’m implementing but a simple question to you all would really go a long way.

What do you look for / like / or want to see in RP servers?

Any ideas I like I certainly plan to use so don’t give up all your secrets. Just one server owner reaching out.

a hub , get pippi mod , make an easy to understand how to get into your discord for verification. Also be sure to know what kind of RP you want to enforce. check out several popular RP , Thrall wars , Bloodmoon , Cursed sand , Chains of hyboria.

now keep in mind the GAME is 18+ but doesnt have to be with adult content you can ban it and say you dont want those act in the game. If your gonna do donation package … look at Chain of hyboria style its a good one most likely the best form.

Yes, I’m all setup I’m simply looking for some additional ideas for content.

Make sure you define your rules, especially regarding things like pvp and raiding, wars, death and dying, and dice challenges if you choose to use them. You don’t need an ornate website if that’s not your thing. Something as simple as a locked Google doc linked in a discord works perfectly.

Also, I am partial to servers which ban staff from using admin mode on their player characters and are required to have dedicated admin accounts using FAF. In a perfect scenario, a player would never know their clanmates were actually staff.

Hmmm, perhaps a little more detail. I have a server which has been up and running for some time. I have my story line, rules, external links, detailed Discord and admins. It is a combination server that has a main storyline that weaves through most everything. I’m looking for ideas I can use to expand on RP offerings. Such as…event ideas that incorporate RP. We have Roleplay Redux which, if you’re familiar, is extremely detailed. I’m looking to use more of it in-game and while I have some ideas I’m working with, I’m looking to expand upon those plans.

This might be a lame Idea, but I would enjoy a joust on horse, where the contestants are given the same equipment for them and their horses, just dyed differently.(You know, for fairness) Maybe collect some big reward for the winner and runner up.

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