A question on 3.0 Thrall Stat consistency

Does anyone have an explanation for how Thrall stats work in 3.0. I am seeing some odd inconsistencies. While running the Well Trained Trait.
For example a post 3.0 RHTS Fighter starts with:
0 Strength and,
0 Max Strength Damage Bonus

I instruct her to follow me and she gets:
0 (+20) Strength and,
16% Max Strength Damage Bonus

A 3.0 Cimmerian Berserker starts with:
15 Strength and,
6% Max Strength Damage Bonus

I instruct him to follow me and he gets:
15 (+20) Strength and,
14% Max Strength Damage Bonus

To check if this was isolated I tried it with some pre-3.0 Thralls I have on my server.
Kruth One-Blow and Ana the Reaver both came up with a ~16% increase in Max Strength Damage Bonus.

Unless there’s something I’m missing, shouldn’t a fresh Cimmerian Berserker, which has a higher stat and higher damage multiplier be showing more than 14% Max Strength Damage Bonus when prompted to follow?

Mmm good question

An RHTS gets more bonus damage per point of strength than a 'zerker, just like he gets more HP per point of vitality.


Thralls of different tier and faction scale differently in terms of stats. The two you tested are both T4 fighters from the Exiles faction, hence why they scale the same. Same as if you compared two Cim Zerkers.

As mentioned above, Thralls have Hidden Modifiers.
They’re sorta opaque bovine effluence.

Not even within a single faction and tier will everything be the same, the occasional named thrall will deviate a bit from other t4s in that faction.

There are a few video guides, but at the end of the day, it is a deliberately obfuscated bit of information about your prisoners with jobs.
On PC there are ways to force the display.

This one strongly suggests looking for the topic on YouTube videos, several good guides there.

Ah ha! This post has the answer! https://forums.funcom.com/t/thrall-pet-multipliers/208405/4?u=jacknife2058

That’s the strange thing about it. Damage bonus per point of Stat does not seem to be consistent across factions.
Maybe they’ve added another layer of scaling?
I can’t seem to find any reference to it in any community content either before or after 3.0 landed.
HP per point of Vitality variance was well established and measured.
There’s the usual obsessing over Melee Multiplier (which I’m of the growing opinion is an ultimately misleading stat), Base stats and Growth Chance, but nobody seems to have said, “These get more per point of stat compared to those.”
If this is the case then most of the fan-published guides are either somewhat lucking out on RHTS out of habit, or significantly mistaken in implying anything else is even marginally equal footing (especially in claiming Cimmerian Berzerkers are the highest damage dealers due to multiplier).

The difference between the multiplier of a RHTS and a Cimmerian Berserker… is 0.002… meaning that if all other things are equal… and both of them do 200 damage (which is realistic)… the Cimmerian Berserker has a chance of dealing 0.4 damage more… so not even a SINGLE point of damage…
Based on that, I don’t know why anybody would expect some insane damage from the Berserkers in comparison :slight_smile:
And yes, currently RHTS are the best fighter thralls in the game, probably followed by volcano and dalinsias which are sort of similar and then coming in at third place would be the zerker imo. (I haven’t even looked at my own spreadsheet yet to compare them, this is how it felt thou)

From what I’ve seen, it’s repetition of bad information. Things change over time, or only are active for a short period (for example rumor that spreads during testlive but doesn’t make it to the final release). Or simply people go and look it up but do not check the publish date of the source, for example the current wiki listings are from 2020 - it says so on the top :slight_smile:

In any case, that’s why I made that spreadsheet for now, so we have some temporary means of looking at the accurate stats post 3.0 and maybe the wiki editors can consult it as well to make their jobs easier :stuck_out_tongue:

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I personally don’t even bother capturing fighters anymore that are not RHTS or Dalinsia. Zerkers may have the slightly higher modifier but in practice and with the difference in gain from strength the RHTS outperforms Zerkers by a long shot. And personally, thrall vitality has always been king, even more so with the recent nerfs.

I’ve heard talk on here referring to Zerkers as glass cannons and I just don’t see it from a damage standpoint. Unless you take that to mean using them isn’t the best idea lol.

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