A randomizable world like MineCraft or Ark

That would be awesome if you could either rename locations, hide or remove the map grids, or make randomizable biomes like MineCraft or Ark. Such as for people who want to make biomes with majority highlands or snow, or some other option. Then that would be cool to have the preset map, a randomizable map, or both depending on preferences.

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That would also be cool to select randomizable and specific types of biomes for a map majority, and terrain types, such as flat lands, mountains, beaches and other aspects. The only really decent area with flat land is C7 and that’s extremely limiting.

Imagine what it will be if, random generation was consequent continuation of official map. To prevent map data bloating a ghostfence could be moved a bit in a direction, so new area will be added on 1 side and in opposite direction a fraction of map will be gone behind ghostfence. Infinite exploration, no theme parks.

Also interesting. In the 90’s and beginning 2000’s, Tribes had that feature. It would be cool to select biomes and terrain as features, like flat grasslands or snowy areas. Or areas that were the majority of or entirely those terrains. They even liked it in the FunCom account in twitter when I talked to them about that. So it would be awesome if they actually impliment that idea.

I am going to guess the original poster is referring to sandbox mode on this, it would be nice to have some randomization there. Maybe allow a second save just for that purpose so that you could also play the normal game as well. I really like wandering around and exploring things :slight_smile:

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What about a Conan mod for Minecraft? Would probably be easier then changing how Conan exiles works.


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