A Request for Funcom Heading into the New Age

Greetings brother & sister Exiles & @Community

I will try my best to keep this thread from getting too long winded. But I would like to make an impassionate plea to the good folks at Funcom. Peoples I mean this with the utmost of respect and sincerity. I have a humble request heading into the start of the new Age, whatever that may be. Please, please, please do not release the new Age right before the big July Shutdown. Leave a buffer of a couple of weeks or so to, if required, follow up with a hotfix to correct any serious issues before you all take you leave and go on holidays.

Having exciting new content and a new Age to explore and interact with is great, but we as players do not want critical issues and detrimental bugs to detract from that experience, or to be stuck with them for 4+ weeks. With all the profound tact and courtesy I can muster I ask Funcom, please ensure you leave a sufficient time buffer for a hotfix before the July Shutdown kicks in. I look forward to seeing what the new Age will be.

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We’ve got at least another 3 months to go, I’m sure the summer vacations will be over by then.

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I think it won’t launch until August. Someone had a link for the update for Steam, not sure if they posted anything here.

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Pardon my confusion, perhaps you have heard something I have not. But last I heard Chapters are 3 months in duration. Age of War Chapter 4 launched on 2nd April 2024. So if we are adhering to the timeframe, then the next Age should* launch around 2nd July. Have they announced it will not be out for “at least another 3 months” meaning it will not launch until September? Tell me more.

This I did not know. It would have been nice if they announced it here too, especially when one considers this is their official forum, and most console players, which comprise two out of their three platforms are not likely to be reading Steam.

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Here you go


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