A Roleplay Story

A Jaratai Role Play Story-

(Note: Using my rp character instead of my main, I just didn’t want to create a new profile for roleplay.)

The shadowy figured darted into an alley, his ornate robe showing the signs of hard travel. He made for a dim figure leaning against the wall, a slight man with arms crossed.

“A fine night in Khemi, is it not?” The shorter man said, twin daggers hanging from his waist.

“This is not a social call, assassin. My business is brief.”

“And what does the Stygian want this time?”

“Sow the seeds of discontent. Everywhere, in the inns, brothels, signposts- everywhere possible.”

“My coin,” The shorter man demanded. The taller man handed the assassin a hefty pouch. “Very well, I shall begin at once.”

The barbarian swirled his mug of ale, finishing it with a grimace. He signaled for another from the Cimmerian woman walking around the inn in Conarch Village.

Jaratai was in a foul mood, for him that was rare- he was generally uncommonly happy for a Cimmerian. Even here, he heard the tales of the chaos one Stygian Prince was causing across the land. Crom and Ymir! How one man can cause so much trouble? Cupping the mug in his hands, he tried to shake off the sense of foreboding he was feeling. He wondered who would stand against this growing menace.