The Bloodbath- Team Stygia RP

The Prince summons his loyal/royal guard!

Who will answer the call to serve the prince!

Must RP!
Must believe in complete undeniable stygian domination of all hyboria
Must be female! Ok…thats optional but definitely a plus!

Prince Ptah

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A proud Cimmerian like me, will make sure to stop you Stygians from enslaving even more innocents! (Kind of ironic considering i am one of the higher ranked in the Wolves of the Steppes)
Taste my Fangs!

Sitting in Armsmans Tavern with mug in hand, Jarafin had been hearing rumors of a coming storm.

A Stygian prince rises to the south, bent on enslaving anyone he can. She had no real alliances, but the cult of Set made her skin crawl. She wished to stay out of the affairs of prince’s and kings, yet in her travels she had befriended a few of people that she knew would oppose this prince with every breath.

Perhaps one of them could convince the guilds who opposed him to unite under one banner, not breaking with their own people but gathering all together from many guilds to stop this menace. She would have to inquire the next time her path crossed with theirs.

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Bags packed, caravan readied…hired mercenaries stir in the shadows. She pauses a moment to look back at the place that had been her home for the past few months. She turns and pulls her hood over her head and casts a glance at the caravan master.

“Mount up.” The caravan master offers his hand to his mistress…she declines and pulls herself to her trusted Khitan Horse…

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The light of Mitra will shine brightly upon the darkness of the Cult of Set, cleansing the scourge from Hyboria forever. #teammitra


Deep in some forgotten temple amidst the dunes of the dark I’ll lit chamber soaked in blood and strange abstract symbols adorning it’s floors. His god spoke to him after the ritual was complete.

Its maddening guttural words assaulted his mind. Showing visions of Hyboria in flames and the birth of his master in this dimension.
For the lord of terror had spoken! He knew now that the time for the baptism of fire was at hand and the feast of souls begins


applause excellent, then you will fight beside me warrior? To whom shall I send the messages when the call to battle arrives?

Ptah Prince of the House Jade Asp Heir Apparent

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