Empire of Stygia

I the crown Prince Ptah of the Empire of Stygia son of Neverlin of House Jade Asp make the following Proclamation to all Hyboria :

Stygian forces have secured Tortage and with it all trade to Khemi.

We are imposing tariffs on all trade entering Stygia to balance the preposterous imbalance advocated by the Dog King Conan who is barely qualified to negotiate with his Cimmerian livestock.

If our taxes are not paid your ships will sink! Making Stygia Great Again!

Prince Ptah of House Jade Asp ~Empire of Stygia


Speaking of tarrifs. A little bird told me you’re falling behind on payments.


As you may recall saga started on the 27th. This Friday will complete the first true week. I will have your payment on time and as scheduled as I always do.

Your Prince is never late!

Prince Ptah

Payment for entering Stygia? That’s beyond pathetic! :crazy_face:

But if you beg for it, I will forgive you and allow you to worship my “holy serpent”. :rofl:


Yesterday stygians slaughter 6000+ invaders. The blood letting was a non stop 12 hours

War tribe Invasion repelled
Nightwatch Invasion repelled
Vendetta invasion repelled
United sexy boys invasion Repelled
Black Lotus rogues invasion repelled
Assorted scrubbery invasion repelled

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Empire of Stygia now eclipsing the nearest contenders by 50%

‘‘Nightwatch Invasion repelled’’…sure things…30 vs 6. Don’t forget also some days ago,5 -NW- vs 3 grps (plus some weirdos) of EoS in Zelata…hilarious outcome.No bad feelings tho,and maybe you should rename EoS to ‘‘The Benny Hill Show’’ ;d

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9000 warriors of Aquilonia died upon stygian spears today in 8 hours of non - stop fighting!

Empire of Stygia seeking vengeance against the Aquilonian Nights Watch sent thousands of slaves to their death in order to finally take Tesso of Zellta for the Empire!

All 2 members of Wartribe that were present? LOLOL 2 vs 30+
Good job. LOL

The guy at least makes sure there is some action in pvp zones. -Vendetta- is happy to fight them, even if they are much more. At least the are not wearing the OP legendary ring which make each player tanks.

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Sounding a little salty

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Nah no salt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn awesom with these zergers :grin: I love too have a KOS guild :grin:

Have had a lot of fun thanks to EOS people :slightly_smiling_face:
Keep em comming :slightly_smiling_face:

EoS are great to farm up the lvls and kills for next Queststep

Love it! Keep it up EOS👌🏻

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Today was a dark day for Stygians!

More men! Screamed the Prince as bodies piled up in Caravanasi. Bring out the reserve slaves he shouted, voice now hoarse and worn from endless yelling.

While only yesterday the black lotus rogues had begged for mercy today there was a new force in Stygia assaulting khopshef. Nightwatch and Dead Mans Shore seemed ready to repel whatever he threw against them. After 10 hours of defeat the High Priest Satet-ka emerged and insisted on retreat.

Come my Prince, it is time to equip your men. The Blood Shed has finally caused the resurgence of the Shrine of Xotli in Cimmerian fields of the dead. There we will unearth ancient armaments with which to contend with Memphis!


We kicked you off of Cimmerian soil as well. Do not forget the massacre played out on the Cimmerian battlegroud. The only mercy that was heard were from the horde of Stygians falling on the blades of the Black Lotus Rogues on the hills of Conall’s Valley

Today we did not loose a single battle …11k kills in one day.

That said nightwatch and Dead Mans Sores seem to have stolen almost all the events in Stygia. Our army drove usb and BLR into the sand today!

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Robbed of the home field advantage the Stygian army was decimated as they tried to siege the commons. I guess set isn’t so mighty when taken from the desert

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A great fight indeed we will think twice about invading aquilonia again! But as long as we are here Pillage!!!

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