Unofficial saga of blood 6 man ladder

I The Prince of Stygia Bring to you Gladiator Games in Keshetta duel pits!

Results from tonight’s fights:

Dead Man Shore defeats Nightwatch and Empire of Stygia

Black Lotus Rogues defeat Empire of Stygia

Tomorrow USB, BLR and Nightwatch compete for rank 2!

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Are you referring to tonights premades? Im confused


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Today EOS lost to Straight Outta Khopshef and in so doing secured it’s first and only Stygian Alliance!

USB has been too scared to fight BLR or Nightwatch

Updates on the community ladder :

  1. Dead Man Shore
  2. Nightwatch
  3. Straight of of Khopshed
  4. Black Lotus Rogues
  5. Empire of Stygia

If any 6 want to sign up please pay the 5 gold entry fee to the Prince of Stygia Ptah!