USB slaughtered by guild leader? AoC news


This just in!

United Sexy Boys implodes! Sleves slaughters hundreds of sexy boys during his lust for power!

Using their souls to empower his own in this dark ritual Sleves drinks the blood of Stalini and Burns while his mistress Aerri channels dark energy into the master ranger!

The dark Ranger rises!


How will the Prince be challenged with no resistance on his March through Khopshef?

If he marches through Khopshef unperturbed we are surely in for dark times…


Sleves is an army of 1…he has devoured the souls of his minions and plan to steal the ancient artifact for himself!

Should this happen EoS will be forced to obey his commands. The ancient relics of Amun Ra eyes of derketa hang in the balance!


That’s too bad. I’ll never forget locking onto Sleves with the boys when the event zone was in Khopshef and trying to kill him before the zerg got us. It was easy to see him, too, because he had the “Blessed Warrior” ray of sunlight from that quest, so it was easy to spot which one he was.

Here’s hoping that most the USB players find a home and continue to PvP. They have a lot of decent players. Problem was USB didn’t facilitate an environment where there was any comradery or anyone learned to play as a group. In any engagement, I think it’s important to set goals for your team other than outright victory, especially when you know your team is outmatched.

I still wish we had gotten the chance to premade. But considering Sleves’ behavior in our PUB premades, it might have been for the best that they didn’t occur. The realization that you’re not the best at everything might be too tough on some people.

It’s quite a shame because he truly is a very good dueler and player. Just needs to find some boys he enjoys playing with and practice/play together. And change his attitude.


I think in their own way (just as with EoS’s unique form of comradery) USB showed alot of synergy. The minute sleves spotted us there was a USB team in minutes. The batsign was lit and facebook/texts went out fast. To me this was a sign of a great war machine and a good leader. I hope they patch it up


That really is a shame. I found USB to be very friendly and I hope they will re-form and keep it together.


You mean farmed, or using “pro” skills, you know those “pro” skills they all claim to have.


Sleves is once again Sexy and all is well in the universe!

Welcome back sexy boy!