Empire of Stygia declares Saga First Siege vs Nightwatch Monday Night

The Prince smirked as the taskmaster Nzoth let loose the lash on another slave. MORE BASALT HE SHOUTED!

The Keep was finished and the army under the leadership of the Prince raced northwards.

The nightwatch was ready to repel the invasion! The protected CAELNACH for hours even erecting a make shift fort in Stonehammer…the battle raged on.

The Prince became irate sending word to the Vizier of Bubshur for immediate reinforcements. In the blaze and smoke of Battle the architect Matrix and his elite engineering team managed to construct the palasades of CAELNACH the same land stolen by the Destaenic tribes and Tavios Brigand Kazakh the Lame.

The Prince grinned over the shrines of Bori…soon our army will be unstoppable! Move the trebuchets against Stonehammer! Lay siege to the Watch until they break!!!

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Add sieges counter to leaderboards plz @Mussagana

Oh God…

The Empire Rox!

Lay the Siege! Build the Wall!

Oh hey how’d that siege end up btw? XD

67% on t1 bk :smiley:

The siege was amazing! We burnt every building and all the walls. We let their keep stand out of pity and took their woman and children as slaves.

Hmm I remember alot of global QQ about the defence force being super awesome and snappily dressed

Yes we noticed there were so many DIFFERENT uniforms.

The Empire is no match for the Hyborian Coalition of Super Best Friends

Yes we have seen that coalition shut down and stymie PvP for years. Good job on propagating that here!