SIEGE NEWS - Empire of Stygia destroys all of Hyboria! Cleansed and in Ashes for Stygia!

DMS burned
Nightwatch now burnt

Stonehammer is no longer vulnerable for attack. The winner is Empire of Stygia [EoS-VF].
Stonehammer Siege Camp can no longer be used for resurrection.

at least u managed to win vs 0 ppl defending lol

Yeah xD. And why not destroy all?

we pad camped many a cimmerian! there were many defending

100% lie xD

hey … you dont know how many cimmerians we had there! remember outsiders can get into sieges since they are broken.

were you there?

loled at:
“line up”
“can you make a line?”
Don’t know why it bring to my mind that PUBG videos from stonemountain64.


It all begins with formation!

another siege today!

Fandastic burns!

There was another siege today with a defense?

dude, right before saga ends, i will burn down your bk, im pretty sure i will have plenty of ppl for that…

The Empire has destroyed the t3 keep of the Empire of Kebab today!

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Count me in​:wink::ok_hand:t2:

Another in ashes

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