My Characters RP story: Hrothgar Frosthound

Hey guys just wanted to post my characters story here for fun if that’s ok.

Sorry for some spelling as I’m dyslexic as hell so this took a while to fully go thru (my friend did some corrections for me aswell😊)

This is my characters backstory for being kinda ported to the exiled lands when i was on a private rp server.

I call it they hyborian maze that follows my Grimhunt Paladin

Hrothgar Frosthound

I awaken lying in desert sands staring at the dark sky above me, i shoot up suddenly to a sitting position, as i check for the hole that demon spawn made in my stomach, it was gone…what in the hells is going on.

My last memory’s before waking in this land was fighting against the Minotaur of the Hyborian Maze…maze my ass, every path there eventually leads to his arena.
It was pitch black when i walked in, further in there was an opening in the ceiling that allowed the full moon to shine down into the center of the room, i quickly walk forward into it to take advantage of the light like i had learned to from many a night fighting the Werecrows in the forests of my homeland, but the moment i step into the light…everything goes dark, I’m hit by such force i black out for moment, when i come to its to the sound of my armor clashing against the ground as i keep tumbling back.
The Minotaur had charged me, and now he was the one standing in the moonlight, i say a quick prayer to Ymir as i rose to my feet, the bull charged again, i fell into my stance, the same stance many a Paladin of the Grim Hunt has perfected, i will not fall again.

At the last moment i step to the side and lash my round shield out hard to my left and down, the momentum from his charge combined with the sudden change in direction brought the beast face first into the ground, i raise my axe and strike at his exposed neck, i only cut a quarter of the way, but it’s still enough to sever his spine from his brain, i back up a few steps to get a full view of the monster, he was smaller then the story’s had told, this one only stood a full half a man bigger then myself.

Every story I’d heard told of how the Minotaur was well over two an a half Cimmerian men tall…and that’s when i realize my mistake this minotaur was a calf.

His horn tore threw my armor and gut from behind like it was water he raised me above his head, i scream like I’ve never though possible for a human to scream, the pain was unbearable!
He threw me into the wall and it crumbles with my impact, as my body body did likewise, i prop my back up against the wall in a sitting position as the Minotaur readied himself for another charge, might as well look death in the eye when it comes, and he charges.
Almost involuntarily i feel my hand wrap around the broken torch peg from the brazier that was in the ground beside me, i bring it up at the last moment and the great bull impails himself, the force drove my arms back into my chest breaking them both as well as my shoulders from being against the wall.
As if by some arcane command the moonlight moves to encompass the entire arena, at the far end is a door, a large door carved in old oak wood runes, a lost language of magics.
I feel a strange urge to go towards it, as if someone on the other side was waiting for me, calling to me. I push myself up with arms that shouldn’t move, i walk with legs that shouldn’t still support me, my body moves almost on its own, i need to reach that door and see what’s on the other side of it before i succumb to my wounds, my mind starts to darken, my eyes are growing so heavy i can barely keep them open as i walk forward, I am close to death, I am almost to the door, i reach it.

I push open the door with my broken hands, my mind is fading now, i cant hold on anymore…i fall forward into the door, into darkness…

As i awaken in the Exiled lands desert my body feels as if my wounds had never happened, the hole in my gut wasn’t even a scar, but my armor tells a different story, i hear a roar of some monster far off in the distance, i pick up my axe and my shield and start to walk towards where the sound came from, the grim hunt compels me to seek out stronger and stronger monsters and this new land will be no different

What do you guys think, let me know if anything’s kinda jumbled please (that’s my biggest issue is structure)

Thanks guys!


Thank you, nice one m8 :+1:t6:


Thanks Stelagel, one day I’ll add more to it


Nice job :clap:

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