Ymir on top of a mountain

A trek to the high mountains

One day i decided to explore and look for some lucky black ice nodes or something else that might be usefull in the high mountains up north.
The enviroment in the north makes it quite a challenge to concuer at such a young age, so i loaded up with spicy food, some water, slipped in to my “uber” shaman cold resistence gear and off i went.

At once i hit the snow the cold tightenen me up, and i was glad to have remembered to put on my boots.

After a long trek wich included borrowing other mountaineers cabins for shelter i reached a mountaintop far, far up north.
Much to my surprize i found that here, on the wery top of a mountain a giant resides!
He was gloating and looking down at me wondering what i was doing in this unforgiving area.

Right here, in the most unfriendy weather possible he learned me his religion, Ymir.

Now, beeing only lvl 30 i was for sure in need of some armor or items to help with frostbite, so i gathered this may be useful?
After all, he is standing on top of a high mountain in blistering cold, looking calm and in control of the enviroment.

Happy with my endevours and my new learned religion i was heading back, running through the same cabins other explorers had built for this wery purpose, with out a door, welcoming you inside to set up a fireplace, eat som spicy meat and relax before continuing the long way back home to the green north.

Now, building the religious symbol went like a breeze and i spendt some time checking out what could be made of this new found religion.

I must admit i was a tad bit surprized when i found out i could craft a whole set of armor from this here altar!

Hmm, maybe i was right?
Maybe there was some armor we could use in the snow at lower levels then 40?

Well, not so lucky im afraid, it turns out the armor possible to craft via the Ymir altar have HEAT resistence! Now, id like to know the logic behind how the h… a giant standing on top of a blistering cold mountain give me the possibility to craft gear suited for the wery hot desert areas of the exiled world?
One of the best in fact for this purpose.

I mean, dont get me wrong, i like the visuals of the armor, but i am not so comfertable with the logic behind it:)

Anyways i had a good trip up North, and more to come after i hit 40 and can craft some Vanir equipment.
I only pray now that the normal Vanir set you get at 40 is going to help me in the snow, as the exploring was a pure joy, and seeing how others have had the thought to leave insulated mountain cabins behind for shelter, without doors is something i never thought of doing, but was o so usefull and “cool” to experience:)

I will for sure do the same on my next trip:)

Maybe there is hope for us yet, even tho we are exiled…for now.


Vanir is fine up north but u get frostbite in the ice temple build ur perks to reduce temperature effects n have regen n u’ll be fine in there too tho

Oh and on the server i play one guy built a maproom then boxed it in lol. Must be nice to have helpful ppl. Pve server too. He used long tables to seal the top

Cool, thank you for input, i have 3 perks in vitality, thats why i even could go up there i guess:)

Regarding the guy you mentioned, thats really un necessery imo, like i said, it really blew my mind that someone could be so helpful and at the same time take care of him self by bringing mats to build some small cabins, really made a great experience for me:)

So, there is hope for us yet, not everyone is a selfcentered p…:slight_smile:

I made a map next to his covered by 3 high T3 walls n left a sign saying even heavy armour gets u out lol. Some ppl are just asshats

My base even has an elevator to the roof so ppl can use my map room


Many times i feel the only thing some people know is how to make it harder for everybodu else, but this game can give so much more, and by looking at things differently you get new pleasures after a while.

Lets hope more players experience things like this, it`s really rewarding, and also cool to have stuff you spent time on to actually be used.

Credtit where its due, credit to you for including the bigger picture:)

The sign outside my bases says: “Explorers welcome, thiefes will be hanged”
Catch the very essence of surviving alone to be welcomed when in need:)

Love the sign lol, my starter base has no door incase ppl get caught in sandstorm. But i’ll get a maproom there soon. Have one near swap queen woman n one by silver spawn in desert too, all open use.
No point every tribe making 7x7 bases for maprooms in pve

Oh my tribe is scavengers, so all my outposts have a scavenger hut sign too

I agree that the ymir armor crafted via the altar should have frost resist.
i though devs migh have changed that by now but as for many other things they seem to be very busy with other issues right now…
was a bit disapointed too there…


As i never explored the jungle yet, how would it be if a “Jungle religion”, in the most damp and overly heated spot you where would give you a set of armor with frost resistence?
And a good one at that?

I dont know, but someone gave this properties to the items, and i would think it was a joke, hehe.

Regarding other things they may fix atm, i really dont have any issues playing the game from day to day, the things i seem to run into is minor things i find in most games i play, and i dont even bother to mention them.

Alltho some people talk about the weather system, hehe, make a base in the green cold belt between desert and high north, i have had rain so much that i started to get depressed and had to take my hollidays in our desert camp in the oasis, not even a joke, hehe.

I really would like them to fix the wet interior when its raining outside, in that area you have so much rain that it really gets to you after a while.
Also its a piety to not be able to see your fine interior dry after quite a bit of work.
But, like i said, make a little island retreat in the oasis and youll be fine, so no hurry, it will be fiksed in due time, like the rest of minor things people talk about.

Why would a frost god make you warm? Seems to me the stuff you craft should keep you nice and frosty.

I can totally see what you mean:)

Point is that it is absolutely necessery with gear suited for the cold weather to stand on top of that mountain, therefore i would expect that Ymir had some nice clothes to pass on to us followers.

Or maybe he want us to go to the jungle insted, sence the clothes he do pass on is wery well suited for that hot spots, hmm, or maybe the vulcano…

So there`s definitively more than one opinion on these matters i guess:)

you can wear “northern” armors in most areas of the desert/swamp without having heatstroke issues and vice and versa. but i do have the temperature perk buff, so maybe it’s not that easy without the perk though.

yeah bad weather is not very enjoyable when it never ends and when it goes through your buildings :smiley:
That’s why i’m happy to not see any rain on my server while other players do actually see rain and bad weather effects.
anyway, have fun !

U get heatstroke in the jungle when wearing vanir, only place i’ve seen init with them temp perk

Make a T3 base in oasis just as a holiday resort, i visit mine all the time bro lol

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