So with new Saga, I tried Necro


He’s garbage. Ok, he does lots of damage, ok right. But where is the fun in playing as him? I usually main Conq DPS, and after, quite sadly, being forced into Saga I went to try on a new class. Sadly, I picked a rather boring typical wow ish class. Any other suggestions for a good class? Something that is fun to play I mean. Also, it must be a stygian class. I already got a Cimmerian so now I want a Stygian. Dark Templar and Necro are out. Any suggestions from fellow Stygians?

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Uhm… I assume you are talking about “Necro”? I am pretty sure that your title could create some… problems… you should probably change it.

If you want a stygian character you can try a ToS, you can deal lots of (AoE)damage and heal yourself as well as your group. You also got a lot of utility for your group in form of AoE CCs, mana restoration and so on.
I don’t know as much about PvP as I do about PvE but I heard they are pretty strong in PvP if you know what you do.

A HoX is another great class, melee + spells, they are really fun too but again, I dont know how fun they are in PvP since I mostly play PvE.


I think for the reasons they do not like necro they likely would not like TOS either. I think HOX may be more fun since you get to (need to) keep moving and have the fun duality of spells and combos


I main assassin, and now every other class feels slow and boring to me. If you can get used to killing asap and running like a little bi-tch then give assa a go.


Try the hox bro it’s fun


I have tried Assassin on Crom, very fun to play, squishy af, but fun. I will stay on Saga as hunter since hunter is said to be broken in pvp lol