A simple idea to balance sorcery for PVP

There are certain sorcery abilites that will cause quite a stir in the pvp community. For example the summon storm spell does a tremendous amount of damage to buildings.

My solution to the balance issues this poses is to add counter play to sorcery via a shield spell. Make a low corruption personal shield and a higher corruption AOE shield that will cover an area as large as the summon storm or summon undead spells. The shield spell would have the same duration as the offensive spells and the same cost.

I don’t pvp anymore, I dont even play on official servers anymore because of a lack of counter play. But I hope my idea will be well received by the pvp community and I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

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sounds like god bubble should protect against the storm.

it might already idk haven’t tested


I thought of that, it might, it might not. But a god bubble requires a lot more effort to maintain than the summon storm spell does.

I’d rather sorcery not really be viable in PvP. I don’t want stuff nerfed for that and ruined in PvE.
The ice steps is already going to get something done, to stop people from walking over the walls.
Same as the bat. It’s going to get ganked because that plus slow fall allows people to air drop into bases.

I already looked at it. Slow fall does not last long enough for this. You’ll barely even have enough time to get the thing summoned and in the air before slow fall runs out. And from what I understand (wasn’t able to test this part), the bat will drop you the moment it gets hit, so if the guys in the base spot you all they need to do is shoot the bat.

Slow fall might get you into someone’s base if they are next to a cliff and you can jump down into it. The bat might get you over the wall, but you’ll have to fly low enough to avoid a lot of fall damage. Slow fall + bat ain’t happening.

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That’s weird, there are videos of the two working in conjunction within one another, and slow fall seemed to last a while.

true and u got a tiny damage when u land even if u safely

can u show us a video like this ? It’s not hard for you to accomplish this unless you’re far from the target,

Well if that happens and u see that storm u know who you need to prepare against, someone with 40% corruption :slight_smile: , also is a way to long cast spells if u notice them before they raid u can easily stop it by shooting arrows on it by distance, i dont see certain abilities to powerful on PvP and if it is, well magic was suppose to be a bargain with the devil, a great power in exchange for your life, powerfull spells(none in the game) with a weak corpse, its very easily to deal off, unfortunately conan does not have a diversity in combat very archaic and simple by the way(I’m talking about the game, not the time it takes place or resembles) so don’t worry soon sorcery will be thrown aside

I think it’s this one.

Alright, just went in to do some double checking and yeah, you do have just enough time to get into someone’s base with the combo. It’s a tight window though, IMO. You’re not going to be doing this from a significant distance, but far enough that you can be outside the “engagement zone” to get things started.

is at the 30:18, i see, i managed to replicate a similar effect however i died when i hitted the ground(was too high), but yes it looks you could fall at top the base of someone with this.

Yeah, so if it stays like that into the 3.0 release, I’m sure there will be plenty of topics about it needing to be removed/nerfed.

One reason we need the PvE / PvP setting split. Then on the PvP servers, they could make slow fall not last enough for it to work to invade bases that way, while it remains the same on PvE servers.

Careful. The video that was posted only shows him using the combo to go up into the air and drop down. It’s a little different when you’re trying to use it to get into someone’s base. When I was trying it out I had built a couple of makeshift bases. Basically just a couple of walls really. Then tried to more or less simulate breaching the defenses. It’s imperfect for sure, but I’m not trying to exactly replicate every possible scenario here.

Not sure what was different about my first test because it sure didn’t seem to last as long then, but whatever.

Though given forum PvP history, I’m sure you’re right that there’s going to be LOTS of topics about it needing removed or nerfed so hard it’s completely worthless regardless.

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This. All these discussions about how to balance this or that just show that people are really excited about the update, but they’re unlikely to be accurate.

When the patch hits live, we’ll see an absolute deluge of posts screaming about it. Eventually, the dust will settle, the shakedown period will end, and Funcom will start tweaking the balance :wink:


listening to the dev streams I got the impression that the ice wall was specifically designed for PvP.

It really doesn’t seem all that useful for PvE other than “hey look at me!” because high agility climbing is faster.

Yeah, like I said before in another thread, I’m pretty sure one of the reasons for these two spells in particular to exist is those lollipop bases and such. I don’t think it’s a 100% counter, and I don’t believe they are supposed to be, but they do make those places more vulnerable than they were before.

To be honest most of the spells feel pvp orientated… hide corruption, detect corruption, the storm, the ice bridge.

As for me, i really hope for some PVP spells in future packs…
i heard about sorcery aint pvp thing in this game… but at least we need basic one pvp abilities, by now sorcerer with staff in da hands completely defenseless via close pvp\pve encounters
probably we need smth to help you quickly deal damage or just flee…

  • quick cast shield around caster
  • arcane attack via the staff dealing low damage but pushing attacker from you and give him slow movement
  • heavy dmg attack but in greather cost of your hp and stamina (some kind of final chance act)

That’s for sure but we know certainly that storm spell hits player buildings / vaults pretty hard in raid window (there’s video out there) and there’s no counter for that.

I think it shouldn’t work on building pieces - only on enemies.

What I’m most worried about are the transportory stones in PvP. A good raid (especially when the targeted clan is online) can take up to several hours. From what I’ve seen it’s possible to teleport using the stones overencumbered?? And even if they made it so you can’t teleport overencumbered, within the long time it can take to blow into a base they could have teleported everything out already. Imagine spending hours blowing into a base and spending hundreds of bombs and finding the base completely empty.

I think transportory stones should not be a thing in PvP. Or you should not be able to teleport overencumbered AND there should be long debuf in which you cannot teleport.

I will argue its not a threat to a proactive defense, each bridge can be taken down in 1 hit… now offlining thats another matter entirely

the storm spell however, depending on how effective it is, ill either stay pillar basing or start using guerilla tactics, id hate the second one because i love building but if need be until its nerfed ill do it