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And it’s just that, a question. Don’t want to rise a complain or anything of the sort. See, we’re playing on official PvE Conflict server #6008. It’s a Conflict server, so there’s PvP from 18.00 to 0.00, and I’ve been killed and I’ve killed, by other players and other players. Sometimes that is fair, sometimes is not, but that’s how things are when PvP is on, we all know what we were getting into.
The thing, however, there’s a russian guild (as they defines themselves as that) that is causing trouble. While they are playing within the rules, they are close to the edge of bending them. They behave as spolied and toxic as they can be. Waiting other players outside dungeons to kill them on loading screens and loot the dungeon rewards, following people to their homes and waiting there, using several bugs with pets and mounts to prey on new players and even on veterans when they are vulnerable due bugs and crashes, sneaking into houses, and of course displaying the most unpleasent, toxic and missplaced behave on general chat, insulting and calling noob to those they’ve killed.
So, my question is, may this behaviour be reported in some sort of way? I can’t say they deserve to be simply banned, they technically did nothing outside any rule, but they certainly deserve some punishment, something more creative than a simple ban. Of course, as I said, it’s just a question. I’ve never played in official servers, I’ve always been admin in my own servers and I always trying to be as fair as posible, so I know situations like this are complicated, and I don’t know the exact way the rules and reports go on official server. If nothing can be done then it’s OK, we will deliver justice ourselve as players, but I want to know, since I really thing they are ruining the game not for me or my guilds (we actually only encoutered them once and our loss was near to nothing) but for the whole server community.
Thanks in advance.

Please check the terms of conduct here:

Make sure you read the terms of conduct guidelines before submiting a report.

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If they are abusing a bug, that’s called an exploit and can be reported.
You need evidence, so i hope you are taking screenshots or capturing video, because otherwise, they won’t lift a finger.
About their childish behaviour, there is little to be done other than ignoring them.

Good luck with that.

Not everyone enjoys the trash talking 6 year old mentality. Just block them in chat.


Thanks, I will keep an eye in the future for evidence. We can do both screens and video.

Didn’t know that was a thing in game, thanks for advice. Right now I just ignore them, I’ve played LoL for years, I’m unfortunately quite thick skinned about trash talking.

This is the correct answer. I’ve muted a couple of people just for being annoying. I’m sure I’ve been muted too.

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FUncom does not enforce the code. So it is worthless.

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