A Soloution that may prevent the new exploits (the full stat and attribute glitch)

Hi , i found that a few players try to crash the servers in order to do the full stat and attribute glitch
the method they using to crash the servers has something to do with “notes” , it seems the stability doesn’t programed for notes , however i think if developers define a stability for notes and carpets so by destroying ceilings ; the notes on top of it will vanish as well like the workbenches and other stuff, half of the problem will be solved,that means they cant crash the servers whenever they want , so they wont be able to do the full stat and attribute glitch unless the server crashes by another reasons

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They already fixed that way to crash server on TESTLIVE and it was 2 weeks without patch going to LIVE. THAT SHOULD BE TOP PRIORITY.

But the problem with this is that they can use ANOTHER METHOD of crash servers just to get FULL STAT DUPE. They need to FIX STAT EXPLOIT when server goes down so cheaters won’t have reason to CRASH SERVER. People go on single player and try to discover new ways of crashing server, so fixing just one way is just stupid. FIX THE PROBLEM IN THE SOURCE - STAT EXPLOIT!

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