A Sorcery Post That Isn't About Sorcery

IF sorcery is added. IF Funcom ever finishes it. I would just like to point out some in-game lore and hope they remember to implement it. “The Circle Of Swords” is a location in the game that has a lore stone next to it. The stone says that sorcery doesn’t work inside of the circle. IF sorcery is add please make this a thing. It is your own lore after all.


Hmmmmm…:thinking: just…hmmmmm…

A sorcery post that isn’t about sorcery? What sorcery is this??

(sorry, couldn’t resist it)


Made my day.

And IF it gets added, a discoverable recipe at the Circle that allows one to learn how to craft a [destructible] warding device that cancels sorcery in a small radius would also up the ante. :smiling_imp:

Depending on the Conan book, IF someone made a warding, a sorcerer might just drop a large rock on it to break it then resume using magic. :stuck_out_tongue:

And according to the game, even if the sorcerers of Hyboria could drop some rocks where they want… in the exiled land they would have to get rid of their bracelet’s anti-magic power first ! Poor Mek-kamoses :stuck_out_tongue:

While your all trying to kill each other with magic I’ll just bomb you all.

And IF they make sorcery happen and IF we don’t like it, maybe we could have an anti-magic belt like Khemsa (and Conan) used in People of the Black Circle to “opt-out” of the silliness.

What sorcery is this? Tthere no Sorcery in a Conan game?

Actually there is sorcery… get a server with the age of calamitous mod.

How do you mod on a ps4? You can’t.

Mods aren’t official part of the game. Mods can cause more bugs/glitches in games. As well as larger loading times and more lag.

There always a chance to get a virus from the mod.

That’s why you stick to steam official mods… The mods usually run fine if they have had some time to fix any quirk.

I’m re-reading all the Howard Conan stories atm. Can’t recall what level of sorcery is in them. Lots of demon summoning for sure though.

In later Conan books… there are some impressive levels of sorcery for sure.

Also, the bracelet is anti magic? I just heard a stone tell me they were designed to power magic?

When you talk to the guy that teaches you the “Set” religion he says the bracelet stops him from using his magic. However this would refer to his active powers. It wouldn’t stop him from making alchemical based magic because the power would be from mixing the right ingredients not from his own inner power. Funny enough AoC mod has a good example of what could work.

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This post has gone wayyyy off from what it was intended. @Ignasi Can we please lock my topic? I made it to point out a single thing not so people could use it to passive aggressively complain about sorcery.

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We shouldn’t relay on mods for sorcery. Ps4 can’t access mods. It’s the development team responsibility to tell us if sorcery out or going to be in game.

I support this 100%. :fire::fire::fire::fire: