Turn Off Sorcery Option

Dear FunCom.

I would like to know is there a possibility to switch off battle sorcery in the game so I can keep playing without it just like before the age of sorcery update?
For example an option in private game server settings, or special official NoSorcery servers for players who prefer face the enemy with the true steel in hands.

Thank you!

P.S. I’m a big fan of the Age of Conan. Played AoC many years from the start. For me this was a great game with unique meele combat mechanics. But on my PERSONAL opinion sorcery in AoC was unbalanced and ruinful.
Here in CE I found exacly what I want from AoC. I think that the World of Conan it’s more about Cold steel and Primal spirit (it’s just my opinion).


Well, first of all lets just get the obvious out of the way. You could just not do it. Don’t go to the cave, don’t pick up the spellbook, don’t pick up those pages that drop from sorcerer NPCs, just ignore it.

Second, I’m pretty sure there aren’t any server settings to turn it off, but private servers can always just mod it out.

Third, CE sorcery is not AoC sorcery. You’re not gonna see people running around spamming fireballs and lightning at each other. These spells are slow to cast and require crafted reagents, and the more powerful ones also require corruption, which reduces your max health and stamina. They are also more of a utility than an attack. Even the most direct damage one takes the form of summoning a lightning storm that randomly fires off about a dozen lightning strikes in the immediate area.


Tank you for the answer.
Yeah, usually modding it’s a solution in such cases. But, honestly, I don’t really want to use “crutches” to fix the game.

Will see, will see, how it will be… :smiley:

A primitive solution for private servers would be to block off the cave as admin. So no one can enter.

PlayerCanBuildEverywhere <YourIngameCharacterName>

Then you can build in non-building zones too. (You have to be admin ofc)


You aren’t asking how to fix the game though, you are asking for an option to remove a core element of the Conan universe. I highly doubt Funcom would even consider making that an option, even if it was easy for them to do.


I do not think that the sorcery is a core mechanic yet (for me). We are talking about the additional game feature (mechanic) not about the bug. So the question is how to make the feature optional. Not to fix it, not to remove it - just make it optional. For the specific server (or game) so to speak. )

I’m confused. As far as I can tell the whole thing is optional. If you’re in SP or run your own server with nobody else playing, you never have to visit the shrine EVER to learn sorcery. As long as you never touch the altar, your character will never know the difference between pre and post AoS aside from he thrall and attribute changes. There is literally nothing that forces you in-game to come close to sorcery unless you get annoyed by the maps that drop from dead sorcerers (who btw haven’t used a single spell in combat against me) and if that’s a problem…then don’t pick up the map.


Ha! No.

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Use the block feat option you were already given quite some time ago.


Pretty entitled I must say

The thing is, even if there are other people on the server who do go learn sorcery, you still don’t have to and it won’t really have an impact if you don’t. As I mentioned earlier, CE sorcery is not AoC sorcery. It’s still fundamentally the same game as it was before.

You literally have to go out of your way to learn sorcery in the first place, so it’s very easy to just not do it.


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