A swing and a miss

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: Bug | Performance
Region: america

Don’t know if it was lag or a glitch but during raid time last night their was a single person that none of us could manage to hit most times, yet he could hit all of us, he could be 4 feet away, swing and hit you, or two feet from him and swinging through him doing no damage while he is stabbing in different directions killing us all off, it wasn’t just my clan this has happened to either.

In case I’m unclear, it was not a thrall, it was another person doing this.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.get in raid
2.kill off enemy’s and gain loot
3.come back with 1 new person
4.unbale to hit the new person they brought.

Sounds like it could be something called “lag-switching”, which is intentionally interfering with your own connection giving yourself an advantage, typically by using a device attached to the modem or router.

It’s also against pretty much against any ToS, so they were cheating.

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