A way to get the xp table of the game?

Is there a way to get or extract the xp table of the game? Farming, crafting, killing …

It can be interesting to be more efficient in the leveling up according to our play style.

For example killing this instead of this, etc …


Skeletons have been the fastest way to get xp since forever.

I used to craft explosive jars/mines since they give thousands of xp too (literally multiple times more XP than a 3 skull boss, consistency), but I think that crafting xp got changed, thankfully.

That table changed so many times in the past that nobody would care to update and publish it anymore…
As said above: skeletons (but i think the blue wights more) work well.
You could try the rocknoses at the brimstone lake. Afaik they give way more xp than the other ones (you can easily check the number below your xp bar before and after killing one)

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