AA - which feats need to be docked and which are always-available?

The AA table is 7 wide and 9 high, with the middle section at position 4. Once trained, some need to be dragged and docked to be made active (“Dockable Feats”), while others are always available (“Always Available Feats”). Are the Dockable Feats in columns 3 - 5, and the Always Available Feats in columns 1 - 2 and 6 - 7?


some feats in columns 3-5 still have some passive attached to them.

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also colum 4 need to be slotted, exept 5. from above. this is an ability that you find in spells, AA (right side) once you trained it, and you need to drag it into your ui to use it, but you do not need (and can not) “dock” it into your AA perk bar.

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