Level 80 noob question with new perk system

Hi all,

I have some problems using feats from the AA. I take 2 new feats “Disparo conmoción” (¿Conmotion shot"?) and “Diana”. I add the both to the perk bar, both don’t seem to be pasive perks and must be activated but I don’t know how assign it to a key. I can’t drag them to the normal action bar and don’t find a control setting for the perk bar. Help please.

Thanks for advance.


Right side of combos page, click PA in your case (AA in English)

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Over on the right side panel, if you click PA (AA) there, you’ll see the 2 that you want. You have to drag them to the hot bar from that side for them to work.

I did the same thing the first time around and couldn’t figure it out either.


I got it, thank you guys =D