Ability based perks for thralls

imo The new levelling system for thralls is great and it really gives us New things to do in finding Thralls with good growth stats and perks once they leveled.

What I am really disappointed in, is that every perk is simply a stat boost/reduction. I was under the impression there would be some cool things here like special abilities or qualities. I think they should only be specific to legendary thralls also but maybe not. Here are some suggestions below:

Beserkers rage: similar to our 50 str perk where you get a damage boost under x% of hp, maybe this one can only be earned by beserkers

Poison immunity: immune to all poison effects

Target heal: heals a nearby ally

Charge: sprints toward target and knocks down if hit

Shield wall: increase armour of nearby allies by x for y seconds

Sundering roar: reduce armour of nearby enemies by x for y seconds

Some special arrow: arrow that’s knocks target down applying cripple, bleed, poison. Long CD only archers can learn

Endless possibilities here what’s your thoughts guys ? Maybe only for lv 20 perks

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