About a new ps4 update? Tired of playing with constant crashes :(((

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I start playing conan a few weeks ago.
I just falled in love with this game.
This kind of survival game its amazing.
Dear devs, why u are so distante about consoles?
I see in posts that PC get all off your best attentions. But not for ps4 or x-box.
Well x-box gote one now.
Any way, this game its awsome. But im a console player since my all life and now you have just the perfect game for me to play.
But this constant crashs it puting me crazy…

Dont forget us console players ok??
Hei the update 2.2 is for us to or only for PC?
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We are aware of the issues console players are facing at the moment. And our team is working on solving them and bringing the consoles up to speed. However, we’re taking aditional steps by realeasing the updates first on TestLive and PC to make sure every change and fixes are done properly.

Thanks for your concern and, apologies for the inconvenience.

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