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So I am assuming that since all of the xbox and ps4 patch notes are the same, that the dev team is still not working on ps4 pro specific fixes. The ps4 pro still has multiple issues that make conan near unplayable on it which still have not even been acknowledged on these bug forums. My question is when is the dev team going to make their own game playable on one of the platforms they a are currently selling for?

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I’ve seen acknowledgements on here. Which ones weren’t acknowledged I could have some bugs I havnt seen yet. Crashing. No save. And loss of ownership are the 3 I’ve encountered that I consider game breaking and unplayable.

Which one are actually Pro - specific?

Invisible PCs, npcs, weapons, and certain building pieces like spiked palisades is the main problem. There is also a very slow loading textures of walls issue that allows you to loot things inside buildings like craft stations while the walls are still invisible. The game is also noticeably “laggier” than on a normal ps4, by which I mean there is more delay from when a button is pressed and something actually happens on screen, as well as more lag spikes as things load in all at once.

Yeah none of that is PS4 Pro specific. Everyone on PS4 is having these problems or worse. The only thing that should be different actually is the graphics which only should be slightly better. But unfortunately all off Playstation is sucking right now.

from my experience playing with mates, who mostly use standard ps4, i would say that i had twice less issues then they are, everything except ‘laggier’ is an issue for standard ps4 as well.

About ‘laggier’: i noticed that switching console output to 1080p increases framerate which made me think that game is actually renders in native 4k if you have 4k screen or supersampling enabled, so it may be a root of lower than expected framerate (you may try it or not, i’ve asked @Tascha to approve or disapprove this but she didn’t noticed, so it’s only my thoughts)

I’ve also heard the Ssampling on ps4 being disabled can help with issues. Came from YouTube, do not take this as my own words.

I also have standard ps4s that I play on side by side so I can easily see the performance differences.

Terrible to hear ppl still having problems. A few days back I couldn’t even load into game. Since the patch only thing to happen is it froze once. Is it single player or online or both, I haven’t online played in awhile but see ppl upset alot. High ping n all. Yh, and I don’t honestly see how disabled or not could cause many different issues.

This game never rendered at native 4K. There is no such mention on the box of the game. And the game is pretty laggy on PS4 base model as well. Not all the time, agreed, but in bases it’s a lag fest, probably frame rate drops somewhere in the 20’s, it’s definitely not 30 FPS as touted by Funcom. When I drop some light sources, like braziers, or torches, the game goes south fast. Every time I am outside the base and I look at it, game is slowed down, if I do a 180 degree and look the other way, you can feel the game being responsive again.

Too bad this game hasn’t been tested by Digital Foundry yet.

CE does not have PS4 Pro or xbox one x support, but built with rescent sdk’s so it may have any resolution on this consoles exactly because specific features aren’t mentioned.
Games which changes console output resolution(e.g. war thunder) triggers PS4 notification which says something like ‘Application changed screen output resolution’ and lack of this message during starting CE in 4k is one of signs that:
a. Game runs at output resolution
b. Game enables upscaling

both things does make performance difference, from my experience it’s actually big difference.

According to WCCFTECH, game runs at 1440p, upscaled to 4K on Xbox One X and 1080p for PS4 Pro.

I don’t know why it feels a lot better in forced 1080p and don’t understand which settings are actually higher cause don’t see any noticeable difference with regular ps4

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Well, they said they have some ‘enhanced’ settings for PS4 Pro so maybe if you force it to 1080p that might somehow disable those? Like shadows, or a bit better looking graphics? Even though in the Settings menu we don’t have anything related to graphics, but who knows…

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