Lag and rendering issues on the ps4 pro

Game mode: Online & Single Player
Problem: Performance
Region: USA

Why are you guy bringing out DLC before you even fix the game? The rendering is a real problem when I run up to my base it does not fully render in and I have to wait a few minutes I can enter. If I try going in I just get rubber banded back out side. Enemies be the npc or players will be invisible some times and sometimes npc mobs will seemingly stand in one place on the screen but actually be moving around attacking.

Also When I walk up to objects like a door for example it looks real low rez but after few seconds it renders in at full rez. It should render at full rez when it loads. Is should not have to render in and then render again to look right.


In this pic there should be black ice foundations 2 gates and inside the base an elevator and at the hole in the top is where the base is all built but does not render in.

Again I ask when will you guys fix the game for ps4 pro owners. We bought it so games would look and run better not play like crap.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Buy and download conan on a ps4 pro
  2. Enter the game
  3. build a base
  4. Relize this game has rendering and lag problems.

same problem for me, i have a ps4 pro, too. I find the invisible enemys where you just can see the weapons much more anoying