Offline Single player Constant Crashing


Hey Funcom, after the latest update I’m getting constant crashing and freezing while playing offline single player. Plus the stuttering is beyond ridiculous. What the hell is going on?


I play single player as well, and not once has my game ever crashed or froze, and the “stuttering” for me is only about 2 seconds and is very infrequent. You might want to see if it’s your console causing this rather than the game itself, also what type of PS4 is it? The PS4 Pro supposedly has more issues running this game than the standard PS4 does from what I’ve heard.


My PS4 is standard, and under a year old, so it’s not as though it’s on it’s last legs. I’ve spoken to other people that also play single player and they too are experiancing similar problems to mine. The thing is, the game was running like a dream before the last update, but now I’m getting around four to five crashes (blue screen) within an hour of playing. The stuttering is mainly when a lot is going on at once, but very close to unplayable. My game is also a digital version, so that eliminates anything disc related, plus all my other games run smoother than a smooth thing, so God knows what’s going on. You’re right about the PS4 Pro though, as a friend of mine has one, plus a physical copy of Conan. He says the disc looks amazing as a coaster on his coffee table.


Strange, because I have a standard PS4 with a physical copy and almost never have any issues when I play, I only just experienced the disappearing corpse upon respawning issue for the first time since this patch. I do agree with the fact that this patch has broken stuff, even the new content is buggy.

Have you tried deleting and re-downloading the game? Your save would remain intact, but I do only ever recommend that as a last resort, so maybe see if other people post potential solutions first if you haven’t tried it already.


Rebuild the database on the system. Solves most issues that come up. May even speed up the system . Mine always seems fast after I do it once a month.


No, I’ve not tried deleting and re-downloading just yet, as you say, that’s a last resort. I think I’ll just crack on and wait for a future update. Another bug I seem to have every now and then since the last update are invisible enemies with visible weapons, which is pretty hilarious. Also dead enemies floating in the sky, tigers that won’t attack, getting stuck inside a mammoth, heavy breathing (panting) when standing still, that can only be sorted with a restart. The list goes on, but in all honesty, I can live with those bugs. It’s the crashing and freezing that does my head in.


Thanks, I may give that a shot.


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